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Banza Noodle and Tea House 102 Sherbrook

Banza Noodle and Tea House occupies the space once home to Sherbrook Street Delicatessen. I am a fan of anything noodle related, so I looked forward to visiting Banza, but it took me a few months to get there the first time. My first time at Banza was a take-out meal. I was meeting with Mike Maunder and Terese Taylor from West End Streets, to discuss what has become my monthly restaurant review for that paper. For some reason I…Continue readingBanza Noodle and Tea House 102 Sherbrook

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Taste of the Nation, Share our Strength

Last night I headed out to the Fairmont Hotel to take in the Taste of the Nation fundraiser in support of Share our Strength Winnipeg. Share our Strength is a program that aims to end child hunger. I first heard of it a few years back when I attended a food event at Saigon Jon’s. Johnny Kien the owner of the restaurant was a supporter of Share our Strength.This was my first time at the Taste of the Nation event.…Continue readingTaste of the Nation, Share our Strength

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Sherbrook Street Delicatessen

Sherbrook Street Delicatessen is now closed. It’s place has been taken by Banza Noodle & Tea House. I’m thinking of starting a new category of post here on Dining with Donald. I think I would call it: “Restos replacing Restos.” First I did the Palm Tree (Rasoi), then it was Nick’s on Broadway(selFISH Sushi), and now it’s Sherbrook Street Delicatessen(Fitzroy). Plus Clay Oven(Fresh Cafe) is soon to be opening in the Hydro Building downtown.Like Palm Tree, Sherbrook Street Delicatessen is…Continue readingSherbrook Street Delicatessen