Little Bangkok Thai, Shawarma Fusion – Cityplace

If you’re a reader of Dining with Donald, and not from the area, you may not know that Winnipeg gets cold. Real cold. Periodically this cold arrives for extended stays like it did from mid-December until the last couple of days, with only a minor respite in the middle.

Over the years Winnipeg developed a downtown walkway system that helps to take some of the bite out of the real cold weather. Generally I walk out of doors, but during these cold snaps I find myself taking advantage of this system on a more frequent basis.

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Little Bangkok Thai soup

The Tom Yum soup from Little Bangkok Thai in the Cityplace food court.

There are many restaurants along the way. Included among them are the ones in the food courts at Portage Place, Cityplace, and Winnipeg Square. Of the three, Cityplace has become my favourite food court. The main thing about Cityplace is that they seem to have the best mix of chain and local establishments. I rarely visit the chains with the exception of Za Pizza Bistro, which is a local chain.

Over the last few weeks I’ve visited two food court tenants. One is what appears to be locally owned LIttle Bangkok Thai, Continue reading


Shawarma Time – Ellice Avenue

Shawarma Time on the corner of Ellice Avenue and Sherbrook Street is one of the oldest Shawarma places in Winnipeg. Despite having lived in the area for the best part of 13 years, I’ve only gone in a couple of times over the years. The main reason for not stopping in was that although the food was quite good, I found the place to be a little on the run down side, and not a particularly pleasant space.

Shawarma Time Grape Leaves

The stuffed grape leaves from Shawarma Time

However, recently I went back because I was looking for something good and cheap. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see that they have made some changes to the decor. The most notable thing is large, flat screens that display the menu and catch your eye as you walk in. This has reduced the number of unattractive pictures that lined the one wall. In general the tables and chairs also look much better and the general cleanliness of the place is much higher.

I was quite hungry my first visit, so I decided I would order a couple of appetizers and one of their pies. I chose Stuffed Grape Leaves, Kibbe, and one of the their Cheese and Spinach Pies. Continue reading


Flatland Wrap – Donald Street

Traveling by foot as I do, I often run into people who I might not otherwise see. Among the people I periodically encounter are my former co-workers from L.C. Taylor & Co. Being well acquainted with my blogging habits, they often tell me of new restaurants in the area. Flatland Wrap is one of the places I learned about from them.

Flatland Wrap is located on the street level of the same building as Thida’s Thai, and Chicago Phil’s Pizza. Unlike them, Flatland Wrap occupies a rather tiny space. There’s counter space for about four people and a couple of tables that hold another four. In warm weather there’s also a couple of tables on the sidewalk.

Flatland Wrap Sign

The sidewalk sign for Flatland Wrap.

Lunchtime at Flatland Wrap:

Flatland Wrap is open for lunch and early dinner, but my visits have all been at lunchtime. As the name suggests, wraps are the specialty, but each of the wraps is also available as a platter. In addition, salads and fries are also on offer. For a small little space, there is a quite good size of selection. Continue reading


Sultan’s Shawarma, Ellice Avenue

One of the pleasures of living in the Spence neighbourhood is that there are so many dining choices close by. As the neighbourhood is so diverse, there are also a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. I’m a big fan of shawarma, and there are two places within a few blocks of each other. Shawarma Time at the corner of Ellice and Sherbrook, and Sultan’s Shawarma, just a few blocks east towards the University of Winnipeg.

Sultan Shawarma Sign

This was on the wall of Sultan’s Shawarma. I’ve seen similar signs at King + Bannatyne. We truly are a disposable society.

Sultan’s Shawarma qualifies as a hole in the wall kind of business. The storefront the restaurant is located in is nothing to look at from the outside. Inside, the thing that first hits you is the walls. The are green. Really green. Like they misunderstood the concept of green business green. There are plenty of tables and there is a TV screen regularly playing sports or news. The chairs are quite comfortable if you are dining in.

Sultan Shawarma seating.

Did I mention the walls are green?

Sultan Shawarma Meals:

Beside the shawarma, Sultan’s Shawarma sells Calzones, Pizza, Burgers and other fast food standards. In both of my visits I decided that I would focus on the shawarma. Continue reading