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Rice Bowl Restaurant – Sargent Avenue

The Rice Bowl building is one of the many non-descript types of buildings that dot the West End. Like so many of those buildings…Continue readingRice Bowl Restaurant – Sargent Avenue

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Sweet Aroma Chinese Rest. 570B Sargent Ave

A version of this Sweet Aroma Chinese Restaurant was first published in the January edition of West End Streets. I’m back to doing regular restaurant reviews after my 11 days of Fried Chicken Fest reviews. You can find them all here: one, two, three, four, five, and six. These days, there is so much turnover in the restaurant world, that I sometimes don’t notice when one closes and the next one opens. Such is the case for Sweet Aroma Chinese…Continue readingSweet Aroma Chinese Rest. 570B Sargent Ave

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Myrna’s Restaurant 833 Sargent Avenue

Myrna’s Restaurant I’m traveling a little west on Sargent Avenue for this month’s Taste the West End. I’ve been visiting Myrna’s. a Filipino restaurant that’s been part of this neighbourhood for a long time. I remember visiting not long after I moved into the West End, but it is only recently that I have returned. Myrna’s specializes in breakfast and lunch. Hours of operation are from 8-4 during the week, 7-4 Saturday, and 7-2 Sunday. Right from the start, Myrna’s…Continue readingMyrna’s Restaurant 833 Sargent Avenue

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Gladys Caribbean Kitchen – 726 Sargent Ave.

One of the interesting aspects of the West End is the way that the death of one restaurant so often means the birth of a new one. Gladys Caribbean Kitchen, started by two friends, both with grandmothers named Gladys, is one such new restaurant. Gladys occupies a store front just east of Beverley, on Sargent Avenue. Prior to the opening of Gladys Caribbean Kitchen, the space was home to, in reverse order: Suba Cuisine, Candle Light Indian Restaurant, and Nou…Continue readingGladys Caribbean Kitchen – 726 Sargent Ave.

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Jeepney – Fine Filipino Fare

This is an update on Jeepney. I first reviewed the restaurant a little short of seven years ago. Since then, the original location fell victim to a fire. They have reopened out on Inkster Boulevard. This reopening comes with a new chef, as Albert, the original chef has moved on to other areas of the food world. I am sorry that they left my neighbourhood, but I figured I should place an order with them, as a way of checking…Continue readingJeepney – Fine Filipino Fare

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The Good Lands Cafe – Sargent Avenue

The Good Lands Cafe, is a new cafe with vegetarian/vegan fare, located on Sargent Avenue. It’s in the building that used to house the Strong Badger Coffee House. I was a big fan of the Strong Badger. I am becoming a big fan of the Good Lands Cafe. *In keeping with Covid-19 regulations, The Good Lands is currently offering pickup/takeout only. Hours: Mon-Thurs 11-7 Saturday: 11-7 Friday and Sunday: Closed Much like Strong Badger, one of the big selling points…Continue readingThe Good Lands Cafe – Sargent Avenue