Greenish Cafe – Downtown Skywalk System

The rainy weather over the last few weeks has forced me inside more on the occasions that I am out walking. When I’m downtown this means traveling through the Skywalk system. Roughly halfway between Cityplace and Portage Place, lies Greenish Cafe, a Sushi and Salad place. There has been a sushi restaurant there for quite a few years, but I’ve never really been tempted to go in. However, over the last few months there has been a renovating of the space, and Greenish (nb the website only has phone number and email on it, so far) has emerged.

Greenish Cafe Americano

The Greenish Cafe Americano

One aspect of Greenish that caught my attention before I went in is that they have a sign advertising their coffee prices, which include a $2.00 Americano. I thought it would be worth my while to visit the place just to give the Americano a go.

A couple of other factors made me want to stop in at Greenish. One is it’s proximity to Coffee Depot, which I enjoy from time to time, and the other is that it made me think of Sushi June in the Cityplace food court that offers some really good food.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the Greenish location is that it looks more comfortable than it did before. There is a nice bench running the length of one wall, and the the tables and chairs are quite pleasant as well. the renovation has also left the place feeling more cosy as well.  Continue reading


Georges Burgers-Submarines, McPhillips

Today’s review has a bit of a connection to my past. One of my former places of employment was Watt Street Foods on the corner of Watt and Kimberley. Over the years we provided the hamburger meat for several George’s Burgers and Submarines, including the one on McPhllip’s. Recently I found myself traveling up McPhillip’s on a couple of occasions and decided to stop in and give George’s a try.

George's Burger & Submarines burger

The basic burger from George’s Burgers & Submarines.

Located in a strip mall, the restaurant is long and skinny. One side is given over to the kitchen, and there is a series of tables along the other wall, and out front. The decor could be best described as patchwork. There are a couple of Titanic related posters, an Elvis, Soft Drink Models, Greek Football(soccer) teams, and a few personal photos scattered all over the walls. There’s a picture for every mood.

Friendly Service, Good Burgers

My first visit there were a few customers, but I didn’t have to wait long at all at the counter. I was wanting something light, so I chose the plain burger(above), along with a salad. Continue reading


Doner Delight from Iggy’s

Yesterday, I was wandering through downtown after meeting up for a quick coffee with a friend or two at Second Cup.  As I was approaching the Law Courts building I saw what appeared to be another new food truck.  I went over, and sure enough, it was.  This one is called Iggy’s Family Doner. (I realize there’s an umlaut, but it doesn’t translate well to the blog post).

Iggy's Family Döner truck

The phrase partly hidden by the menu says, German Döner makes you schöner (which I take it to be implying that it makes you better looking). I’m open to other, more correct, definitions.

Given that there was only one person in front of me, I thought that this would be a good time to place an order.  When I returned today, I was the only one at the truck.  This is the advantage to being able to go for lunch at quarter after 11.  So, here’s my observations.


The mains from this truck are all in the $8.00-10.00 dollar range.  The portion sizes are quite good for the dishes.  The doner kebap is well stuffed, and the doner salad was quite large, with more than just lettuce for its ingredients.  They serve a $4.00 almond croissant and a $10.00 dish of meatballs as well. They also have a $6.00 child’s portion. Drinks are $1.50 for canned, $2.50 for organic sodas.  4/5 Continue reading