Pho Yo Vietnamese Cuisine

The lead up to Christmas is one of my busy times as a priest. In addition to added services, I have a few more visits to make as opposed to the rest of the year. Being out and about more than usual, I try to fit in stops at some restaurants that I haven’t hit before. One such place is Pho Yo Vietnamese Cuisine on St. Mary’s Road.

Pho Yo is in the space that was once occupied by Simon’s Cuisine. Simon’s has since moved to the Forks, and rebranded itself as Empanadas and Company.

Pho Yo Pho.

The eponymous dish from Pho Yo.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been by this location without stopping in. I didn’t visit Simon’s until it opened in The Forks, and it’s only in the last couple of weeks that I’ve stopped in to visit Pho Yo. Continue reading


Pho Hoi An – Sargent Avenue

Pho Hoi An is a Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant located on Sargent Avenue. It’s one of a few restaurants in a little strip mall, and is right next door to the Village Diner. This is a restaurant that I’ve been to many years ago, but haven’t been to recently.

Pho Hoi An Vietnames Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee is always one of my favourite parts of a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant.

If you remember late last month there were several days where the weather alternated between light drizzle and heavy downpour. One of those evenings was September 22nd. The date sticks out in my mind because it was the night of a Bomber game and I was walking home looking for a place where I might get out of the rain and catch a little bit of the game.  Continue reading

Long Island Cafe – Portage Avenue

I recently decided to visit the Long Island Cafe on Portage Avenue just across from the University of Winnipeg. It’s been quite a few years since I last visited the cafe. At the time it was largely a coffee and dessert sort of place. Since then it’s become more of a lunch/early supper place with an emphasis on Vietnamese cuisine.

The prices are quite good and there is a good bit of variety on the menu. The cafe does a lot of takeout. As a result a lot of the dishes are pre-made, and the freshness tends to vary. If you are regularly in the neighbourhood it seems like the sort of place where you could find out the best days for certain dishes.

The fried rice from Long Island Cafe. A somewhat disappointing dish.

The cafe is an interesting place to walk into. There are coolers and freezers all over the place, It gives the vibe of being coffee shop, restaurant and tuck shop all rolled into one Continue reading

Tom Yum Thai – Sherbrook Street

Tom Yum Thai is one of those restaurants I’ve often passed, but never entered. As a bus rider, I find that getting to North of Portage, where I live in the West End, back to North of Portage on Main is often as a trip, as convoluted as this sentence. As a result, I generally walk when I go to such places as Stephanchew’s Church Goods, or to visit the Exchange District.

Being on the corner of Sherbrook and William, Tom Yum Thai, is often en route, but not the destination. However, a few weeks back, after a pastoral visit at Health Sciences Centre, I figured I’d give it a try for a late-ish supper.

The restaurant is only open until 8. I arrived at 7 and found the outer door locked. However, someone was inside, saw me, unlocked the door and assured me I was welcome to eat there. Not surprisingly I was the only customer in the restaurant.

Late Supper at Tom Yum Thai

The restaurant has an extensive list of Thai dishes to choose from. I chose the Salad Rolls and the Green Curry soup. The Salad Rolls came first and I found them to be a bit of a disappointment. There was no cucumber in them to speak of, and the lettuce and noodles were quite dry. The portion size was quite good however.

Lots of carrot for garnish, but the filling wasn't quite as interesting.

Lots of carrot for garnish, but the filling wasn’t quite as interesting.

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Vanxai Laos Thai

Earlier this year, Urbanspoon, which I had used for traffic referral was bought out by Zomato. I’ll avoid the rant over why this has been so terrible. However, it has caused me to change my review focus somewhat. They emphasize neighbourhoods, so you are going to see quite a few Saint Vital posts in the next while, as I attempt to improve my status there. I’m starting that off with my recent visits to Vanxai Laos Thai restaruant on St. Anne’s. Having both Boun’s and Vientiane¬†nearby, I also thought it would make for an interesting comparison.

I’m not sure what was originally in the building that Vanxai now occupies, but it’s purple exterior makes it stand out as you head down St. Anne’s just after it splits off from St. Mary’s. Inside, the building is quite cozy. There are several tables along the wall on your right hand side, and a few on your left including a couple in a little raised enclosure. Both times I visited Vanxai I was there off peak hours, and so I had no trouble finding myself a table. Continue reading