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Yafa Cafe – Middle East Street Food

Yafa Cafe, is a Middle Eastern Street Food restaurant, located in the Saint James neighbourhood of Winnipeg. As regular readers of the blog know, I don’t drive. As a result, much of my reviewing of restaurants takes place in the downtown, and neighbouring areas. I do try, when life as a priest takes me out to other areas of the city to use those occasions as opportunities to sample the restaurant offerings from those neighbourhoods, as well. Our Hours: Sunday…Continue readingYafa Cafe – Middle East Street Food

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Joe Black Coffee Bar

Joe Black Coffee Bar, located on Portage Avenue, just across from the entrance to Assiniboine Park, is one of those places that I have visited several times over the years without ever reviewing. It’s right at a bus stop, and a place to get away from the crowds when park traffic is really busy. I’ve been trying to get out and review some more restaurants in the St. James neighbourhood, and so finally decided to visit with the intent to…Continue readingJoe Black Coffee Bar

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Little Goat Food & Drink

Little Goat Food & Drink is the latest restaurant from Chef Alex Svenne and his partner and front of house manager Danielle Carignan Svenne. It’s located out on Portage Avenue, right across the street from Underdogs Sports Bar. Little Goat features French comfort food as the base of it’s menu. Little Goat was a participant in 2021’s Fried Chicken Fest. You can read about their entry at this post. I first visited Little Goat shortly after it opened in December of…Continue readingLittle Goat Food & Drink