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Beaurivage Bistro – Saint B Hotel

Beaurivage Bistro is now located at 788 Corydon Avenue. The location is new, but I have it on good authority, that the food is still as great as when I wrote this review. Beaurivage Bistro & CafeRegular hours 8am – 2pm Monday to Saturday. Open evenings by pre-arrangement(see bottom of review).Writing a blog, I often wonder if I’m connecting with my readers. Sure, view counts say something, but I’m not always sure if people are actually reading. Of course, the…Continue readingBeaurivage Bistro – Saint B Hotel


Inferno’s Bistro – Des Meurons Avenue

Inferno’s Bistro is a French restaurant located in Saint Boniface. I first visited the restaurant not long after I started working at Saint Philip’s. Despite really enjoying my meal, my main course was a Mushroom Papardelle, I didn’t make it back until the summer of 2020 Finally, when I am visiting Dug  Betty’s, I also fit in a visit to Inferno’s Bistro.  This visit was during the summer, when the restrictions on dining during Covid had been relaxed. Even then,…Continue readingInferno’s Bistro – Des Meurons Avenue

Community local products

Fromagerie Bothwell – Provencher Avenue

Fromagerie Bothwell is the new Winnipeg location for Bothwell Cheese. Bothwell Cheese has long been a Manitoba institution. A family run business that has been in operation since 1936, Bothwell Cheese produces a wide range of cheese products, and are specially know for their Squeakers, cheese curds available by the bag(and a great choice for making poutine). For years, Bothwell Cheese has been available in various supermarkets, and specialty shops. Although usually with a limited range of their varieties. A…Continue readingFromagerie Bothwell – Provencher Avenue