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Bonnie Day – 868 Westminster Avenue

Bonnie Day is located in the Wolseley neighbourhood of Winnipeg. It sits in a spot that has gone through a couple of changes in the last few years. Most recently it was known as Ruby West, I don’t know if it’s the same owners, but the billing program still uses the Ruby West name. Bonnie Day falls into the treat category of restaurant. Before that it was home to the Neighbourhood Bookstore and Café. I wrote about the Neighbourhood Bookstore…Continue readingBonnie Day – 868 Westminster Avenue

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Staub La Cocotte – My Favourite Pot

Let me start by saying that this post about a Staub pot, is in no way sponsored by the company or any of it’s retailers. I did receive it as a gift, but this is simply my take on the pot. Despite having owned this pot for the best part of two years, it was only at the beginning of spring that I started making use of it. Then of course, the pandemic hit, and I found myself cooking more…Continue readingStaub La Cocotte – My Favourite Pot

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Easter Feasts, Friends, Family

It’s in the middle of the evening of Easter Sunday as I write this. Holy Week, with all the various services is finally over. Today was a great Easter day. First off during our Easter morning Eucharist, we had four people baptized into the family of God. Three of the candidates were from the Furaha family who joined us last year. They are refugees from the Congo via Mozambique, and St. Philip’s has become their home here in Canada. This…Continue readingEaster Feasts, Friends, Family