Indian Restaurants Reviews and Such

Indian Food Corner – 1359 Pembina

Indian Food Corner is located in a strip mall just south of Pembina Highway and McGillivray Boulevard. During summer last year, I went down Pembina a few times and hoped to stop in at the restaurant. Indian is one of my favourite cuisines and I’m always looking for new Indian places to try. However, each time I went by, I noticed that they were only offering tiffin services. Tiffins are traditional Indian food containers with separate compartments for different items.…Continue readingIndian Food Corner – 1359 Pembina


Safeway Easy Meals – Pre Made Meals

I’ve tried several different meal kits and delivery services now. HelloFresh, MissFresh, GoodFood, and Eden’s Taste, have all had there shot at trying to sell me on how good they are. A few weeks ago, I noticed that Safeway was selling something called easy meals. They are packaged in such a way that if you buy a protein, a starch, and a vegetable, you pay $15.00. Judging by the serving size recommendations on the back they are meant to serve…Continue readingSafeway Easy Meals – Pre Made Meals

Fall Suppers Common Eating

Southlands Salvation Army Fall Supper

Every year I list fall suppers. This year I added a second list. This year I managed to visit six different fall suppers in Winnipeg. Next year I may have to branch out and visit some of the rural ones. That would require me finding a driver. Last night’s fall supper at the Southlands Community Church(Salvation Army). was the sixth of the ones I visited. This last one turned out to be a little confusing for the Anglican me, as…Continue readingSouthlands Salvation Army Fall Supper

Reviews and Such Chinese Restaurants Vietnamese

Binh An – Mixed Bag

Binh An is the third North Main restaurant that I visited first early in January. The other two were Modern Coffee and Newcastle Restaurant. Bihn An is located in a little strip mall just south of Main and Redwood. One aspect of Binh An that I like is that there is good bus service up to it. The 15, 18, and 20 routes all stop across the street. When you walk in the register is straight ahead of you, and to…Continue readingBinh An – Mixed Bag

Reviews and Such Indian Restaurants

Ivory Restaurant – Donald Street

A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street, and noticed that the former Spice Affair was now Ivory. This surprised me because I didn’t realize that the Main Street location was no longer open. So, I took a stroll down Main Street a couple of days later and sure enough, there was no Ivory there any more. Ivory is now the third Indian restaurant to make a go of it in this location. Prior to Spice Affair it…Continue readingIvory Restaurant – Donald Street

Reviews and Such Chinese Restaurants

Hong Hing Chinese Restaurant

Hong Hing restaurant on Ellice Avenue, is a  Chinese restaurant of the type I was familiar with growing up. Lots of dishes featuring chop suey and chow mein. However, there are a few Szechuan dishes available on the menu, and even an eight item Dim Sum list. It seems as I look around that the restaurant is listed as delivery only. That is incorrect, you can order delivery, pick-up, or dine in. Hong Hing Hours   Saturday 2–9p.m. Sunday  …Continue readingHong Hing Chinese Restaurant