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Black Smoke by Adrian Miller – Review

Black Smoke:  African Americans and the United States of Barbecue, is the latest book from Adrian Miller, a former political policy adviser and current food writer and historian. Black Smoke details the role of black cooks and chefs in the development of barbecue, and how as barbecue has become a more global phenomenon, white chefs, businesses, and media have been erasing the role of blacks in the development and preservation of barbecue. Miller is a James Beard award winner, and worked as…Continue readingBlack Smoke by Adrian Miller – Review


Inferno’s Bistro – Des Meurons Avenue

Inferno’s Bistro is a French restaurant located in Saint Boniface. I first visited the restaurant not long after I started working at Saint Philip’s. Despite really enjoying my meal, my main course was a Mushroom Papardelle, I didn’t make it back until the summer of 2020 Finally, when I am visiting Dug  Betty’s, I also fit in a visit to Inferno’s Bistro.  This visit was during the summer, when the restrictions on dining during Covid had been relaxed. Even then,…Continue readingInferno’s Bistro – Des Meurons Avenue