Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad

A few weeks ago, I was wandering through the underground at Portage and Main. I wandered down underneath the CIBC building, and noticed that Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad has a new location. It’s been years since I last visited, back when it was tucked in the back corner of the building.

Nathan Detroit's Hot Mustard

The hot mustard from Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad lives up to the name.

It took me a few days to get back there, but I paid my first visit a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, all the pictures I took on that occasion have disappeared from my phone, so the pictures in this post are all from the second time around.

The space at Nathan Detroit’s is wide open, in the shape of an upside down L, with the cross bar at the back of the restaurant. There are plenty of tables, and so I had no trouble getting a seat.

Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Special

The sandwich board outside the restaurant was advertising a sandwich, appropriately enough. That day it was the Reuben. I really enjoy a good Reuben. This one would qualify as good but not great in my books. Continue reading


1958 Community Cafe

Often when I am at St. Margaret’s, my trip there and/or back takes me down Westminster Avenue, often on my way to/from Thom Bargen. During the last year as I wandered, I noticed a new little place called 1958 Community Cafe. Much like Wannabees however, I never seemed to go by when it was open. Then late last year I read about the Kickstarter campaign 1958 Community Cafe was running to keep it’s doors open.

1958 coffee refill

French Press coffee refill at 1958

Fortunately the campaign was successful, so I moved visiting 1958 higher on my priority list. My first visit was during the lunch service.

1958 Community Cafe Lunch

I arrived toward the end of the day, Saturday close is 4:00 pm, but there were still a few customers in when I got there. The interior of the building gives you  a diner kind of feeling. A few table, some counter seats. The tables give you the impression of home rather than restaurant. One thing I liked about the setup is the pictures that hang seem to by and large by the work of local artists. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. A nicer evoking of the era than the typical pictures of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, et al. Continue reading

Pastrami & Things, Tache Avenue

I recently discovered Pastrami & Things, a restaurant about five blocks down Tache from St. Philip’s. I made the discovery because I hadn’t really noticed any restaurants around St. Boniface Hospital.

As a priest, hospital visits are recurring events. Yet, despite having made many visits to St. Boniface, I’ve never been all that aware of what’s surrounding it. That’s because generally when I’m heading to the hospital, it means I’m meeting with someone whose life is in some sort of distress. As a result I’m focused on the encounter ahead and the surrounding area tends to fade into the background.

Located in the Family Medical Centre, 400 Tache, Pastrami & Things offers a classic deli menu. It runs from breakfast to late lunch. In 2014 it was awarded the title of “Best Deli in Winnipeg,” by the Winnipeg Sun. Both times that I visited there was a steady stream of customers coming through for dine-in or take-out. Continue reading

Bike to OscarsWPG*

*Although the website is Bike to Oscar’s, any form of active transportation could be used. Rollerblading, skateboarding, take the bus to the closest stop, etc. Personally, I’m walking.

If you’ve read Dining with Donald for any length of time, you know that I don’t drive. That’s one of the reasons that most of my reviews are concentrated in-between where I live and where I work. Those place that are farther away I generally reach by bus. Although, many of them are also places I’ve walked to. My motto is, if I want to get there, I’ll find a way.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the City of Winnipeg’s active transportation plan, particularly in relationship to the plan to spend money upgrading Winnipeg’s streets. I’m not going to go into all the details here. Here’s an article from the Free Press. Here’s one from the CBC. Here’s another article from the CBC in which the owner of Oscar’s Deli expresses concern over how bike lanes might hurt his traffic. Continue reading