Modern Electric Lunch – 232 Main Street


Modern Electric Lunch, is a new coffee shop, located in the Fortune building on South Main Street. Modern Electric Lunch derives it’s name from an earlier tenant in that building. I suggest you check out the West End Dumplings block to read more about the previous incarnations.  West End Dumplings is a great blog to … Read more

Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad

Pastrami sandwich from Nathan Detroiit's

A few weeks ago, I was wandering through the underground at Portage and Main. I wandered down underneath the CIBC building, and noticed that Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad has a new location. It’s been years since I last visited, back when it was tucked in the back corner of the building. If you are interested … Read more

1958 Community Cafe

Often when I am at St. Margaret’s, my trip there and/or back takes me down Westminster Avenue. Typically, on my way to/from Thom Bargen. During the last year as I wandered, I noticed a new little place called 1958 Community Cafe. Much like Wannabees however, I never seemed to go by when it was open. … Read more

Pastrami & Things, Tache Avenue

I recently discovered Pastrami & Things, a restaurant about five blocks down Tache from St. Philip’s. I made the discovery because I hadn’t really noticed any restaurants around St. Boniface Hospital. As a priest, hospital visits are recurring events. Yet, despite having made many visits to St. Boniface, I’ve never been all that aware of … Read more

Bike to OscarsWPG*

*Although the website is Bike to Oscar’s, any form of active transportation could be used. Rollerblading, skateboarding, take the bus to the closest stop, etc. Personally, I’m walking. If you’ve read Dining with Donald for any length of time, you know that I don’t drive. That’s one of the reasons that most of my reviews … Read more