Common Eating Sermons

Eat Fat, Drink Sweet Wine, Send Portions

To read the first part, eat fat,  of this title you might be forgiven if you thought that the post might be some sort of reactionary rant against the new Canada Food Guide. Instead, what you’re going to get is another sermon. The title is a collapsing of Nehemiah 8:10. This was the Old Testament…

Sermons theology

I Am The Bread of Life – John 6:22-35

Hello everyone. This week’s sermon on “I am the Bread of Life,” is a little late in getting up. We have had a rather traumatic incident at St. Philip’s. About three months ago, we had a refugee family from Mozambique join our parish. They are government sponsored, but come from the Anglican church in Mozambique.…

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Chaeban Ice Cream – From Cow to Cone

Chaeban Ice Cream, open now in the spot where the old Banana Boat used to be has created quite a stir since it opened. Not the least was the audacity to open an ice cream story in the middle of the cold of a Winnipeg winter.Yesterday I attended a social media event to which I…

Community theology

12 Hours, One Man, $20K for Refugees

This year the event will be held on June 20th, 2017. Monday, June 27th, Geoff Woodcroft from St. Paul Fort Garry will be playing guitar for 12 hours in an attempt to raise money for a soon to be arriving family of refugees. This event will be held at St. Paul Fort Garry Anglican Church,…