Chaeban Ice Cream – From Cow to Cone

Chaeban Ice Cream, open now in the spot where the old Banana Boat used to be has created quite a stir since it opened. Not the least was the audacity to open an ice cream story in the middle of the cold of a Winnipeg winter.

Yesterday I attended a social media event to which I had been invited by the Chaeban social media coordinator Kristi Nikkel. It was a chance to learn a little about the ice cream store’s story. To learn a little bit about how they make their ice cream and to sample some of the product.

Chaeban Sundae with toppings.

My Sundae. Lots of toppings, in small quantities of each.

Chaeban (pronounced Shay-ban) is owned by Joseph Chaeban and his wife Zainab Ali. Joseph was born in Lebanon and came to Canada with his family when he was still quite young. Zainab is Syrian, and while she came to Canada with Joseph, more members of her family arrived as refugees. Their story is very compelling and you can read more of it here and here.

However, as compelling as their personal story is, and I do encourage you to look up more of their story, I’m here to write about the ice cream. As I mentioned at the top,

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12 Hours, One Man, $20K for Refugees

This year the event will be held on June 20th, 2017.

Monday, June 27th, Geoff Woodcroft from St. Paul Fort Garry will be playing guitar for 12 hours in an attempt to raise money for a soon to be arriving family of refugees. This event will be held at St. Paul Fort Garry Anglican Church, 830 North Drive, beginning at 8 am and running through to 8 pm.

One man playing for 12 hours

Geoff Woodcroft, the man who we’ll be playing for twelve hours.

While the last couple of years has seen an increased awareness of refugees, some people and groups have been working to assist refugees for many years. One such group is the Rupert’s Land Refugee committee. This group has been helping refugees find their place in Canada for many years. When an already in progress refugee sponsorship faced new challenges, they stepped up. You can read about the challenges when you visit the Facebook Event Page.

12 Hours – Geoff Woodcroft

The video below features Geoff Woodcroft, priest at St. Paul’s Fort Garry Anglican Church. Among his many gifts and service to the church, Geoff has also served as my mentor both formally and informally. Despite having St. Paul’s to look after, Geoff has been a willing supporter of St. Philip’s as well, most notably at our pub night.

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