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Sam’s Place – Gathering Spot

This post is only a couple of years old, but Sam’s Place has undergone renovations since I wrote this review. Last year I wrote about my favourite cookbook, More with Less. A Mennonite cookbook it contains many great recipes along with displaying a concern for using earth’s resources well. Combining good food and social concern is a hallmark of many Mennonite ventures, and Sam’s Place cafe on Henderson Highway certainly fits that model.Not only does the cafe serve great food,…Continue readingSam’s Place – Gathering Spot

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More With Less, Memories, Milestones

This year is a milestone year for me. On October 12 I hit the big 5-0. In accordance with such a momentous event, it is a national holiday in Canada (as it should be every year). 2015 marks a couple of other notable events in my life. It was 25 years ago that I spent a summer in Southern Ontario on a course sponsored by the now defunct Student Mission Advance. The course was called World Christian Leadership Development. 2015…Continue readingMore With Less, Memories, Milestones

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Book Review – Eat With Joy

In writing about food and theology, I’ve constantly been frustrated by how little emphasis is put on the role of eating together in our understanding of how we approach our relationship to food.  One of three things usually occurs.  Either the author gives idea of eating together a token acknowledgement, before the authors move on to their real point, whether that be localism, veganism, eating all bread, eating no bread, food justice, and so on.  If not that, eating together…Continue readingBook Review – Eat With Joy