Donuts, Coffee, Beer N Chips

Despite the title making it seem like I may have some sort of culinary death wish, it’s simply a description of my day Saturday. I was up early and headed out to Fools + Horses. Fool + Horses is my favourite writing spot, and I was there to chronicle my experiences on the first day of ManyFest.

As I was getting ready in the morning I checked Facebook and saw a post from my friend Kent Dueck. It seemed he was involved in some kind of mini doughnut kind of truck. I hadn’t seen the truck on Friday, so as I was making my along Broadway towards Fools + Horses I kept my eyes open for the truck.

Sure enough as I walked by I saw Kent outside of the truck with a big broom and water. He was giving the truck a good washing down to make sure it was nice and bright looking for when the customers appeared.

Happy Doughnut

Caramel and Almond Mini donuts from Happy Donuts and Lemonade.

Donuts for Breakfast

I was able to get my post completed just after Manyfest opened at 11 o’clock. So, as I wandered my way down to the main Food Truck area, I stopped off at Happy Donuts and Lemonade, where Kent and Sandy were kind enough to treat me to a tray of the Caramel and Almond Donuts, as well as a taste of the single serve of the Coconut Dream and the Donutella. Continue reading


Night Market Marks?

I went out to the new Night Market last night, and I was generally disappointed with the experience. First off, it was a 26 minute wait in line to get into the event. Then, there is no information available as to what is happening or which vendors are where once you get inside. As I thought about it overnight, I was wondering if we Winnipeggers were being played, and aiding in this. However, before I discuss that, a few good things about the Night Market.

Night Market Coffee

Due to the long lineups, I couldn’t get the whole sign in, but this is Joy Coffee Company one of the Night Market highlights.

On the food side of things, the food trucks and tents did a great job of feeding the people. It was good to see new companies such as Joy Coffee Company, Continue reading

Memories on the Midway

I got an email invitation from Ron Cantiveros of the Filipino Journal to check out some of the new food offerings at the Red River Ex this week.  I’ve done this before, and it always makes for a good afternoon. Exhibitions are places of childhood memories. They are places where families go to have a good time together.

It was raining when I first got to the Ex, so rather than heading out to get something to eat right away, I hit the Exhibition Hall. Among the first things that caught my attention was a model railway set up. I went over and started watching the trains go around. As I did I found myself thinking about my dad.

Sunday is Father’s Day. It’s been close to six years since my dad died. Trains always held a great fascination for my dad. Especially model trains. He possessed many different models over the years. In his last years his train set was a Z Gauge unit that fit into a small wooden suitcase. Even as children, if we ever got separated from dad and there were trains around, we’d know where we could find him.  It was nice recalling some pleasant memories of my dad while enjoying the model railway setup.

When I was a child though, there weren’t a lot of food offerings at the Ex. I spent my elementary school days in Prince Albert Sask, and that was where my first exhibition memories were formed. These two also involved my dad. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club that ran a small Candy Floss stand every year. Candy Floss was one of those things, that like the Ex only came around once a year. Continue reading

New Year, New Power Rankings

Spring has arrived. Thanks to the early warm weather, many of the Food Trucks have already hit the streets. More exciting then this is the arrival of even more new food trucks.

This is my third annual Power Rankings post for the Winnipeg Food Truck scene. In 2013 when they were new, I wrote an explanation of power rankings as part of that post. With the early arrival of spring, I’ve had a chance to get out and try several of the new trucks along with some of the old ones. I plan to include all the trucks I’ve tried in this rankings.

As the summer progresses, some trucks will be in for a re-visit.

Last year, I tied my power rankings to Manyfest. As a result, I didn’t include several trucks. This time around I’m going to add them in.

Please remember, that although a truck may land on the bottom of the power rankings, you should still give it a try. This is not like the NHL or NBA. None of these trucks are tanking in the hopes of signing a bright young chef. Also, given how tough the food truck business is, nobody is overpaying an executive chef in the hopes of ending decades of mismanagement. This is meant to be fun. Plus, it’s skewed towards my favourites.

2015 means New Rankings

1.) Poutine King

While the rankings are new, the top spot is still the same. Great food, and sets the standard for being on the street, somewhere or other. This year the truck is at the Forks as well as on Broadway.  Also in addition to great food, makes good use of Social Media to promote the truck.

There's no new champ. The Poutine King still reigns.

2.) Red Ember

Dividing time between Broadway and the St. Norbert’s Farmers Market. Red Ember has quickly become a fan favourite. Also, North America’s biggest food truck. Continue reading

Bronuts, Exchange District

One of the biggest trends in dining out is taking simple fare and, to use a popular Masterchef phrase, elevating it. It’s happened with Poutine, and even with Tater Tots. In some places toast is the latest thing to receive such treatment. So, it’s not surprising that Donuts or Doughnuts, if you insist, are going upscale. Not too many months ago, Oh Doughnuts started appearing on the scene. Then Bronuts opened up.

Bronuts by the bag.

Bronuts by the bag. Ready for takeaway.

Located next door to King + Bannatyne, Bronuts is the the brainchild of two brothers. The aim of the shop is to sell gourmet doughnuts (I’m one who insists) along with high quality coffee. Given that they continue to regularly sell out of their product, they certainly have hit the sweet spot with Winnipeg consumers. Continue reading