Hargrave St. Market Food Hall

Hargrave Food Hall Shakshuka

Today marks the reopening of the Hargrave St. Market Food Hall. With the reopening of the city during the current pandemic, the reopening of the Food Hall is one place that really interests me. The Hall is built on the idea of large groups of people gathering, especially during events such as Jets games. However, …

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Aladins Pizzeria – Shawarma Place

Aladin‘s PIzzeria Menu

Aladins Pizzeria & Shawarma Place is a relatively new restaurant on Portage Avenue South, just west of Arlington Street. The space was once home to My Place – Pie Place, a specialty dessert cage. I visited there many years ago, but can‘t remember much about it. Hours: Sunday – Thursday:  11 am – 1 am …

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Hildegard’s Bakery Will Have you Bingi(e)n’

For the last two or three years I’ve been having people ask me if I was familiar with the pizza nights put on by Integrity Foods. Only by people talking about them (one thing about not driving, rural events are mainly missed). Then one day I was talking with my friend Travis Unger. Travis and his …

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Pasquales – Marion Street

Despite being just off Marion, it’s really only recently that I have visited Pasquales(There should be an apostrophe but those nasty Google crawlers don’t like them). I had tried Pasquales as part of my Just Eat promo, but hadn’t been back since. In large part this is because I generally walk down the south side …

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Café 22 On Broadway

Café 22 Earlier this week I wrote about my life undergoing some changes (that post has since been removed).  I said at the time that I would be doing fewer restaurant reviews, but not eliminating them entirely.  At the top of my list to review are restaurants that I have already visited, but wished to …

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Common Eating – 2 – Marking

Common Eating Soup

One of the important parts of Common Eating as a course, is finding ways for the students to work together. The marking system will definitely involve credit for the ability to work together. The only problem with this is that I have a natural aversion to anything that resembles a group project. This is in …

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