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2022 Fried Chicken Fest is Here

Once again it’s time for Fried Chicken Fest. Like last year, the 2022 version will be affected by Covid lockdowns. That didn’t stop me from enjoying it last year, and it won’t stop me from enjoying it this year. In 2021 I visited a dozen different places to tried their Fried Chicken offerings. You can read my posts from last year, here, here, and here.  For 2022, I hope to be able to increase the number of fried chicken dishes…Continue reading2022 Fried Chicken Fest is Here

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Fried Chicken Fest – Final Wrap

Welcome to my third and final post for Fried Chicken Fest. You can find the first post here, and the second post here. There is also a trend going on here. The first post featured three dinners, the second, four, and this one, give. Good thing the festival is over, or I would soon be eating dozens of fried chicken meals every day. In addition to the five places I tried over the last three days, I will give my…Continue readingFried Chicken Fest – Final Wrap

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BMC Market -Taqueria – South Osborne

BMC Market – Taqueria is a little Mexican restaurant with an attached store on South Osborne Street. Mexican food isn’t at the top of my list…Continue readingBMC Market -Taqueria – South Osborne