Long Island Cafe – Portage Avenue

I recently decided to visit the Long Island Cafe on Portage Avenue just across from the University of Winnipeg. It’s been quite a few years since I last visited the cafe. At the time it was largely a coffee and dessert sort of place. Since then it’s become more of a lunch/early supper place with an emphasis on Vietnamese cuisine.

The prices are quite good and there is a good bit of variety on the menu. The cafe does a lot of takeout. As a result a lot of the dishes are pre-made, and the freshness tends to vary. If you are regularly in the neighbourhood it seems like the sort of place where you could find out the best days for certain dishes.

The fried rice from Long Island Cafe. A somewhat disappointing dish.

The cafe is an interesting place to walk into. There are coolers and freezers all over the place, It gives the vibe of being coffee shop, restaurant and tuck shop all rolled into one Continue reading


Rice Bowl Restaurant – Sargent Avenue

One thing about reviewing restaurants is I often find myself no longer stopping at places I had once visited. The algorithms constantly demand new and fresh material, and so places, such as Rice Bowl, on Sargent become places I used to visit.

However, recently I decided I wanted to visit there again after a few years absence. Unfortunately, although I’ve paid three visits over the last couple of weeks or so, my camera acted up and I only have two photos total to show for three visits.

Rice Bowl Lumpia Shanghai

Lumpia Shanghai from Rice Bowl.

Rice Bowl is a unprepossessing little building. Stepping inside, the decor is also very basic. However, there are plenty of seats, and on all three visits, I had no trouble finding a place to sit.  Continue reading

Banh Mi King – Portage Avenue

I rather stumbled across Banh Mi King the other day, even though it’s smack dab in the middle of Portage Avenue across from the University of Winnipeg. I found myself wandering down there on my way home a few days ago and decided to stop in.

Banh Mi King untensils

Utensils and condiments

I don’t know who designed it, but the interior reminds me of King + Bannatyne and Chosabi. While a pleasant style with the window bar seating and one large table, the design seems to be getting repeated a fair bit. Ordering is done at the counter in a fast casual style. The only problems I have with that is, although the cutlery is all on the table, you have to remember to pick up your napkins when you place your order. Continue reading

Pho Que Huong Ellice Avenue

There are so many good restaurants in the West End of Winnipeg. So many in fact, that it’s easy to simply never visit some of them. Pho Que Huong on Ellice Avenue is one such place. It probably doesn’t help that it’s located just down the street from Nhu Quynh, one of my favourite spots. However Pho Que Huong is good and stands on it’s own merits.

salad-rollPho Que Huong Late Lunch

My first visit to the restaurant came at the end of the lunch service. There was only one person at the front of house. The lunch time had clearly been busy, and so while there were several empty tables, I had to wait a couple of minutes before one could be cleared.

When I got the menu I decided to try a couple of appetizers with a small soup. One of the things I like about the menu here is that many of the appetizers are available in both two piece and four piece offerings. I chose the two piece spring roll and the two piece shrimp salad roll.

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

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Bourbon Street Grill

Every so often I run into a restaurant that doesn’t quite make sense. Bourbon Street Grill in St. Vital Centre is one such place. I first visited early in 2015 while Winnipeg was under it’s boil water advisory. I was meeting with a couple of clergy friends in the food court, and Bourbon Street Grill was one of the few available options.

What I found strange was, while the restaurant offered a few Cajun style dishes the majority of the menu seemed to be typical of a food court Chinese restaurant. As it turned out, I quite enjoyed the chicken but the rest of the items rather pedestrian.

Fast forward a few months and I was meeting again with the same bunch, and decided to give Bourbon Street another try.

Bourbon Combo

Combination platter from Bourbon Street Grill.

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