Thaw-Camille Bakery – Pembina Highway

The Thaw take out bag. Elegant design.

Living in Winnipeg The Thaw is always welcome. It signals the end of winter and the arrival of spring and more enjoyable weather. Well, now Winnipeg can enjoy the thaw year round. I’m talking about The Thaw French Bakery which opened last December on Pembina Highway, just north of MacGillvray Avenue.

I first heard about this bakery from staff at the Diocesan offices. I made a note of it, and promptly forgot all about it. Then a week or so ago, I was heading down Pembina and saw the bakery’s sign out the bus window. I was headed for an appointment and noticed it was open. My appointment over, I went back to see if it was still open. It was.

It wasn’t much before closing time, so the selection was a little more limited than it would usually be. Continue reading


Chicken Delight – Cajun Ribs Update

When I originally wrote this post on Chicken Delight I wrote about how the Cajun Ribs were simply plain ribs with a package of hot sauce. My original comments are below, for context. If you go to the comments below you will see that Chicken Delight got in touch with me in order to make things right. They do offer an actual Cajun Ribs (pictured below).

Once I received the coupon I decided I should give the ribs a second try as soon as possible. This meant I went to a different location. This one is on Ellice Avenue not far from where I live. Clearly the message had been past on to all locations as I received a genuine Cajun Rib order. The Cajun seasoning is on the sweet rather than the spicy side of things, but it has good flavour. In addition it adds a nice crunch to ribs when you bite into them. This is a dry rib I would definitely order more than once. 

Thank you Chicken Delight in reaching out to me. Thank you also for being proactive in making sure your franchises are all on the same page. I hope the Cajun Ribs stay on the menu for quite a while.

Chicken Delight Cajun Ribs

The Cajun Ribs from Chicken Delight

Every so often, there are  meetings to attend at the Diocesan offices just off Pembina Highway. Sometimes these occur over the lunch hour and are bring your own lunch affairs. Subway is a fairly typical stop on these occasions as it’s close and real quick. The other day, I managed to allow myself a little more time and stopped at the Chicken Delight on Pembina just south of McGillivray.

This is also an area where I lived before entering into the priesthood. Now, when it comes to fried chicken, I prefer Chicken Delight over KFC. I also prefer Chicken Chef to KFC. To be honest, I would probably prefer raw chicken in uncooked bread crumbs over KFC. The best fried chicken I ate in Winnipeg was at Percy Hayne’s chicken shack. I only ate there once, but it was fantastic. The chicken at Johnny’s on Marion isn’t to that level, but it’s enjoyable and your three pieces are three large pieces.

Three pieces chicken

On my first time I chose a three piece chicken and fries. Continue reading

Golden Loong – Pembina Highway

One of the things about being a priest is that you find yourself visiting hospitals on a semi-regular basis. Recently I found myself up at Victoria Hospital on Pembina Highway. The visits were mid afternoon, and they had me finishing just before suppertime. Fortunately, just down Pembina at Markham there is a place called Golden Loong. They feature cuisine from Xi’an a city in Northwest China.

Golden Loong: Spicy as Advertised

Situated in a strip mall, Golden Loong occupies the place that once housed Romani’s Pizza. The interior is divided into two areas. One contains a series of booths. the other is a larger dining area with larger tables as well.  Continue reading

Royal Punjab Sweet House

Royal Punjab Sweet House & Restaurant was the most recent destination for the Why Cook Wednesday Supper Club. Royal Punjab is located out in Fort Richmond, and on an evening like this I’m quite happy with the BRT. It’s just a short jaunt from St. Philip’s to the entrance to the transitway, and I’m able to get down to the south end of Pembina in quite good time.

A can't miss sign on Pembina Highway.

A can’t miss sign on Pembina Highway.

The Royal Punjab has gone through several iterations over the years. Included in these are a couple of Chinese restaurants and a Mongolian restaurant. You can still see the exhaust piping from the big Mongolian cooking pit as you enter the restaurant. The main seating area is really large, and we were seated off in a side room that could hold 30-40 if necessary. The ceilings are high and there is a general feeling of roominess in the building.

Seating area.

Seating area.

The prices were good, but the buffet was really well priced. It was $13.99. It’s not the largest buffet, but the dishes that were there were really good. In many ways it reminded me of the buffet at Dhoom on Donald, but with 2 or 3 extra dishes. The buffet choice was so popular that I was the only one in the group who didn’t go for it. One good feature of the buffet is that when they came around with the Naan bread, there was plenty to go around. There was no need to flag down a server later to get a refill.buffet-plate

Royal Punjab a la Carte:

I decided to go for the Lamb Vindaloo with rice. The menu made it appear as the rice was an add-on, but when I went to pay at the evening I discovered that it was included in the base price of the dish. As I was eating it seemed that all I was going to get was bone on lamb, but there were several nice boneless chunks of lamb as well. The Vindaloo was reasonably hot and spicy. It left me on the edge of the, making me sweat, level of heat. To wash it down I enjoyed a Kingfisher Beer. It’s light, crisp flavour went well with the spicy food.lamb-vindaloo rice

beerAs always the conversation and company is the best part of these evenings. I was seated next to my friend Gerry Bowler. A recently retired U of M history prof, Gerry is also a renowned scholar on the subjects of Christmas [amazon_enhanced asin=”0771015356″ /] and Santa Claus [amazon_enhanced asin=”B00J5TJSVY” /]. Although, this evening the discussions revolved around British Panel shows as well as the world of education.

One of the other features I liked about this place, is that we were in no way rushed. The service was good, and they came around to make sure our water was topped up, but otherwise we were left in peace to enjoy each others company.

Brogue Gastropub Supper Club Night

The Brogue Gastropub is a relatively new addition to the Round Table Restaurant at the corner of Stafford and Pembina. The only time I had visited the space was 10-15 years ago. Then it was a simple lounge add-on to the Round Table. The current space is quite a bit more inviting than the old one.

The Brogue Gastropub has a large grouping of comfortable seats. It has enough big screens that anyone who wants to keep up on the latest sports action can do so. It also has few enough big screens that you can ignore them if you want to focus on the friends that you have gathered with.

The one other physical feature that caught my eye was the large chandelier that looks like it might belong in a large medieval dining hall.

Brogue Gatropub chandelier

Wagon Wheel Chandelier in the Bnd rogue Gastropub.

My visit to Brogue Gastropub was with my friends in the Why Cook Wednesday Supper Club. As this is a group, people arrive at a variety of times. So, I decided to start with one of the beverages available. I decided to go with the Faxe Lager. This lager comes out of Denmark, and while it was a light choice that fit well with a meal, when it comes to Danish exports I’ll stick to Victor Borge videos and Sandi Toksvig panel show appearances. (I love YouTube). Continue reading

Tavern United – Pembina

Thursday afternoon I got together with some priestly colleagues for a bit of a catch up session.   We met up at the Tavern United on Pembina.  There turned out to only be three of us in the end, as two others had engagements that kept them away.  This is pretty typical for any social activity that involves more than one priest.  In fact this can happen if the activity involves only one priest. Tavern United makes for a good meeting place.  While I’m writing about the one on Pembina Highway, what I have to say could apply fairly well to any of them.  I say this because I’ve tried several.

One thing I like about Tavern United is that they are all quite large.  So, even with a fair number of people nearby you don’t generally feel crowded. Also, the music being played wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t carry on a conversation. The only problem at this location was that the hydraulics on the door to the patio weren’t working.  As a result, any time someone went out the door shut with a very loud bang. Continue reading