Joe Average Buys Groceries

The New Year is upon us, and I am starting it off with a post inspired by activity in the Manitoba Food Bloggers group at the very end of last year. Group moderator and organizer and generally all-round terrific person Shel Zolkewich, posted a poll which stated that according to Stats Canada, the average Manitoba family spent $241.00 per person per month on food.

Now, I eat out a lot, but I thought this might be an interesting experiment to attempt. This is not my first attempt at some sort of budgeted eating. I did a $20.00 a week Lenten challenge a few years back, and more recently I did the Winnipeg Harvest poverty pledge.

Average Joe Grocery bill

ill $51.11 is the total of my first shop for the month.

So, on one level, I know how easy it is to live off of $241.00 for groceries for a month. However both of those other times were based on the idea of restriction. Limiting myself to a certain amount of calories. Giving myself a small, almost infinitesimal idea of what it is like to live daily with the bare minimum or even less.

This, on the other hand, Continue reading


Pasquales – Marion Street

Despite being just off Marion, it’s really only recently that I have visited Pasquales(There should be an apostrophe but those nasty Google crawlers don’t like them). I had tried Pasquales as part of my Just Eat promo, but hadn’t been back since. In large part this is because I generally walk down the south side of the street, because that’s where the bus stop downtown is(I’m a creature of habit).

Pasquales meatballs

When I visited Pasquales they were offering a meatball special where a part of the proceeds went to support Siloam Mission. Such promotions are a regular feature for Pasquales

However, I figured it was time I got there, so a little while back I headed to the restaurant for a late-ish lunch. Despite being fairly close to one, Pasquales was quite full. I ended up with a seat in the mezzanine with a view over looking the rest of the restaurant and looking out onto Marion Street.

I was fairly hungry that day, so I started off with the soup of the day. I followed that up with the Penne Salcisse. I ordered a cappuccino to drink, and finished off the lunch with a cannoli. Continue reading

Buccacino’s – Osborne Village

Last week was the second time in a row I connected with the Why Cook Wednesday’s Supper Club. The week before we had been in Osborne Village at Carlo’s and Murphy. This time we met at Buccacino’s.

Buccacino’s is a traditional Italian restaurant. I think there was something else inthat location many years ago, but my memory fails me. The restaurant is large and spacious. When we arrived there were not a lot of people in the restaurant. We were seated in a corner that allowed us a view of one side of dining area, and a window view of Osborne.  Our server came and took our drink orders quite quickly. Wednesday night is wine special night. I ordered the Malbec.

Buccacino's Malbec.

Buccacino’s Malbec.

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A Little Pizza Heaven

Winnipeg now has four pizza trucks out on the street. They can be split up into two camps.  The first is the high end wood fired variety. That’s The Red Ember and Fired Up. The other two are more like your corner take out pizza store. One is Pizza Potamus, and the other is A Little Pizza Heaven. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Pizza Potamus truck out on the streets. It was one I meant to get to last summer, but ended up missing. I’ve been noticing A Little Pizza Heaven for some time, so I finally made sure I visited. In addition to the truck, A Little Pizza Heaven has a bricks and mortar location in the middle of Osborne Village. My review follows below:

A Little Pizza Heaven TruckValue:

The prices at A Little Pizza Heaven are definitely lower than Red Ember and Fired Up. The Pizza is served in familiar triangle shape. Each piece is reasonably substantial in size, One slice goes for $3.10, Two slices and a drink for $6.19 and Two slices with Caesar salad are $7.09.  As you may guess from the numbers, these are all tax extra. With tax numbers are $3.5,$7, & $8 respectively. You definitely get good value for your money on these items. I didn’t try the wings which are $10+tax for a pound, or the Caesar alone for $8+tax, but that seems fairly reasonable as well. 4.5/5 Continue reading

Fired Up Pizza, Glacial Service

Winnipegs food truck scene continues to grow.  Its not surprising then that as it does so their are more trucks offering the same type of food. On my way to work early in the week,  I noticed a new, blue truck on Broadway.  It`s called Fired Up Pizza, Pasta & More.

Last year saw the debut of The Red Ember Pizza Truck.  Red Ember sells wood-fired pizzas made from home-grown ingredients.  Fired Up doesn`t claim the home-grown part, but is also selling wood-fired pizza.

Fired Up meat lovers

The meat lovers pizza from Fired Up Pizza. It’s loaded with meaty goodness..

I came back for lunch that day and again on Friday. I tried to meet up with some former co-workers both days.  It didn`t pan out the first time, and the second time, I just went over to my former workplace at L.C. Taylor after I had gotten my pizza.  What follows are my thoughts on Fired Up. Continue reading