MAKE Coffee + Stuff

Make Coffee Sign

Last weekend I was at the Prairie Regional Barista Championships. Winnipeg serving as host of the event shows how far coffee culture in Manitoba has come. I’ve had the chance to try many of the new places. One that I visited last year but haven’t been back to is MAKE Coffee + Stuff on Corydon. …

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Espresso Junction – Johnston Terminal

Earlier this year, when I started working the Norwood area, I was glad to find Finales nearby. Sadly, Finales has had to close. This means I am without a good quality coffee shop nearby the church. For those who wonder, neither McD’s or the place named for that hockey player qualify. I will occasionally go to …

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Little Sister Coffee Maker

Yesterday I headed out to the Forks for Canada Day. When I got there just before noon most of the outdoor food vendors were still setting up. So I decided to see what was happening on Osborne. Despite having a smaller crowd, most of the food vendors were in full swing. I stopped for lunch …

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Thom Bargen Coffee – Tea

Thom Bargen is another place where I have done shorter reviews on multiple locations. Again, I’m going to combine them into one to make them more google-worthy. In addition to putting the reviews together, I’ve also included my thoughts from when I attended a lecture at St. Margaret’s, given by co-owner TJ Hiebert, on the …

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Parlour Coffee Main Street North

Parlour sign

I originally wrote this post about Parlour Coffee about a year and a half ago.  I wrote it for bubsblurbs, my other, no longer extant, blog, but thought that it belonged here.  Obviously some of the things in the post have changed, but the coffee from Parlour is still every bit as excellent. One of …

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