Reviews and Such Restaurants Shawarma

Baraka Pita Bakery – North Main

I really enjoy Shawarma. I’ve tried several places in town. Both Falafel Queen and Best Meal on the food truck scene. As well Shawarma Khan, Sultan’s Shawarma, and Flatland Wrap. All this time, whenever the topic of Shawarma comes up, people always ask me if I have been to Baraka Pita on Main Street.Well, until recently I hadn’t. Then, earlier this month Michael, a parishioner, batching it while his wife and son visited family out of town, invited me to…Continue readingBaraka Pita Bakery – North Main

Community Restaurants Reviews and Such

Lunch Bell Bistro

There is a lot of change and transformation in Winnipeg. Often we focus on big splashy things like the SHED in downtown or what’s going on in West Broadway. Yet, generally with less fanfare, a lot of change is happening along Main Street. Much of this changed is designed to work with the existing community, not to simply transform the neighbour by pushing current residents away. In the last few days I received a couple of emails about a new…Continue readingLunch Bell Bistro

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Come ‘N Eat, Neechi Commons

Years ago I lived in the South End of the city, and took the bus to work everyday in East Kildonan.  Depending which bus I caught downtown, I would either travel over the Disraeli bridge, or take North Main and cross the river via the Redwood Bridge.  One of the landmarks on the North Main root was California Fruits, at the corner of Main and Euclid.  It was a rather dismal place to pass.  Working in a grocery store as…Continue readingCome ‘N Eat, Neechi Commons

Reviews and Such Coffee Shops Restaurants

Parlour Coffee Main Street North

I originally wrote this post about Parlour Coffee about a year and a half ago.  I wrote it for bubsblurbs, my other, no longer extant, blog, but thought that it belonged here.  Obviously some of the things in the post have changed, but the coffee from Parlour is still every bit as excellent. One of the joys of working smack dab in the middle of downtown Winnipeg at place like Holy Trinity, is the number of places one can get to…Continue readingParlour Coffee Main Street North