Community Food

Clergy Kitchen Party Ceilidh

The last year has been a year of change in my diocese. The biggest one is that we have a new Bishop. Every time a new bishop comes in. One of the small ones that has been made is that there is a change in some of the ways in which clergy gather together. In past, our big social event has been the Bishop’s Twelfth Night Dinner. This year there has been a casual lunch for clergy, and last night,…Continue readingClergy Kitchen Party Ceilidh

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Buccacino’s – Osborne Village

Last week was the second time in a row I connected with the Why Cook Wednesday’s Supper Club. The week before we had been in Osborne Village at Carlo’s and Murphy. This time we met at Buccacino’s. Buccacino’s is a traditional Italian restaurant. I think there was something else in that location many years ago, but my memory fails me. The restaurant is large and spacious. When we arrived there were not a lot of people in the restaurant. We…Continue readingBuccacino’s – Osborne Village