Reviews and Such Coffee Shops Restaurants

The Canteen Coffee Shop – Tache Avenue

A couple of months ago I visited Blackbird Brasserie. At the time, the space that had housed Bouchée Boucher’s retail operations was still under renovation. This renovation has produced a new coffee shop, called The Canteen coffee shop. The ownership is the same, and this is the second The Canteen coffee shop location, as there is another one on Stafford Street, just down the road from The Grove. The interior of The Canteen is very much the same as it…Continue readingThe Canteen Coffee Shop – Tache Avenue

Reviews and Such bakery Restaurants

High Tea Bakery – Portage Avenue

High Tea Bakery, located out on Portage Avenue by Deer Lodge Centre, is one of those places whose product I have tasted on a few occasions, but I’ve never visited the location itself. The most surprising part of that, is that High Tea was for it’s first few years located in the building that now houses Jonnie’s Sticky Buns. No more than about 10 block from where I lived.In the past High Tea was supplying cookies to Make Coffee +…Continue readingHigh Tea Bakery – Portage Avenue

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Cafe D’Amour – South Osborne

Cafe D’Amour is no longer in business.I don’t often venture down Osborne past Osborne Village into the area known as South Osborne. However, earlier this year I was down in the area for an event and decided to stop in at Cafe D’Amour for a cup of coffee. I enjoyed that visit, and decided I would make the effort to get down to the cafe again. This time around I went for some of the food items on the menu…Continue readingCafe D’Amour – South Osborne