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Sukkothai Restaurant – Osborne Village

While you may think, judging from my last three posts, that I been living on nothing beyond fried chicken, there are other restaurants I’ve been watching. One of these is Sukkothai restaurant, in Osborne village. Sukkothai Thai restaurant, is one of those places that I visited years ago, before my blogging days. The building it sits in on the west side of Osborne Street was once a KFC, or Champs if you go back far enough. The decor of the…Continue readingSukkothai Restaurant – Osborne Village

Reviews and Such Restaurants Thai

Boun’s – Marion Street

It’s almost a year since I wrote a review of Vientiane Thai on Marion Street. Vientiane Thai is located across the street from Deen’s Caribbean. It also shares space in a strip mall with Lovey’s BBQ and Boun’s. Of the three other restaurant’s Boun’s is the most interesting, because they both feature Thai cuisine. Boun’s also features Laotian cuisine, but from what I observed it seems fairly similar to Thai. It would probably take someone with more expertise than me…Continue readingBoun’s – Marion Street