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The Coldest Case, Bruno Novel 15

The Coldest Case is the most recent, Bruno, Chief of Police novel, from Martin Walker. I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival since I first heard it was coming out. On the holiday Monday I was up at the McNally Robinson store at The Forks. I asked when the book was coming in and was told it would arrive at the Grant Park location the next day. I immediately reserved a copy. They said there were only four copies coming in, and…Continue readingThe Coldest Case, Bruno Novel 15

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Keeping the Ferial

I wrote this post on keeping the ferial six and a half years ago. I’m reposting it with some change in my thoughts. Not that I necessarily disagree with what I wrote, but that I find my approach to some matters a little changed in the interim. One more thing I have noticed since the start of the pandemic. Eating alone on a regular basis, makes it harder to keep my focus on the amounts I eat at each meal.…Continue readingKeeping the Ferial

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Feeding My Mother – Jann Arden

Feeding My Mother, is a memoir from Canadian singer-songwriter Jann Arden. Arden has been something of a fixture on the Canadian music scene for the last quarter of a century. However, other than her 1994 hit Insensitive, I couldn’t name one of her songs. However, books that deal with food and relationships tend to get my attention, and so I picked this one up. Feeding as an Act of Love Another thing that made me want to pick this book up is…Continue readingFeeding My Mother – Jann Arden