Georges Burgers-Submarines, McPhillips

Today’s review has a bit of a connection to my past. One of my former places of employment was Watt Street Foods on the corner of Watt and Kimberley. Over the years we provided the hamburger meat for several George’s Burgers and Submarines, including the one on McPhllip’s. Recently I found myself traveling up McPhillip’s on a couple of occasions and decided to stop in and give George’s a try.

George's Burger & Submarines burger

The basic burger from George’s Burgers & Submarines.

Located in a strip mall, the restaurant is long and skinny. One side is given over to the kitchen, and there is a series of tables along the other wall, and out front. The decor could be best described as patchwork. There are a couple of Titanic related posters, an Elvis, Soft Drink Models, Greek Football(soccer) teams, and a few personal photos scattered all over the walls. There’s a picture for every mood.

Friendly Service, Good Burgers

My first visit there were a few customers, but I didn’t have to wait long at all at the counter. I was wanting something light, so I chose the plain burger(above), along with a salad. Continue reading


Pho Mama’s Noodle House

Sometimes I hear about a restaurant I should try, but don’t realize how close to me it actually is. Mama’s Noodle House on McPhilip’s Street is one. I’ve had several friends comment on Pho Mama’s. Yet, somehow I’ve missed out on the fact that it just down the street from Lucky Supermarket. I guess I should have played closer attention. Especially since it’s open until 3 am and most restaurants in the area are closed by 10, or so it seems.

At any rate, a couple of weeks ago Pho Mama’s ended up being the choice for the Why Cook Wednesday’s Supper Club that I’m part of. I’m glad the invitation to this place came, because after a cou-ple of trips I know it will be a semi-regular place for me in the future.

Dining at Pho Mama’s

Pho Mama’s offers a wide range of Asian foods. My first trip, with the supper club, I went with the Vietnamese choices. After all if you have Pho in your name, you should probably have Pho in your game. Continue reading