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August 2019 Reading Round Up

My August 2019 Reading Round Up is quite a short one. Only three books on the list today. I’ve got a couple of other books that I plan to write separate reviews for. This month is a couple of mysteries, and one food biography. January 2019. February 2019, March Fiction 2019, March Non-Fiction 2019, April…

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A Taste for Vengeance – Martin Walker

The Follow up to A Taste for Vengeance, The Body in the Castle Well, is due out on June 3rd of this year. I can hardly wait.  A Taste for Vengeance, is the latest novel in the Bruno: Chief of Police series by Martin Walker. I only discovered this series earlier this year, and I’ve really enjoyed it. One of…

Reviews and Such Books Reading Round Ups

May Reading Round Up

March Reading Round Up – April Reading Round Up May marks my third monthly reading round up. Last month the focus seemed to be mainly on various cozy mysteries. This month I’ve got a couple of more cozies, and another one of the Bruno books that I read. Along with them there are three more…

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Bruno Chief of Police – Martin Walker

When I published my first post around crime fiction and food, way back at the end of last year, I asked for any suggestions for other writers that I may have missed. The one name that came up the most, about 4 or 5 times, was that of Martin Walker and his fictional detective Bruno…