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Coconut Island Thai Restaurant

Coconut Island Thai Restaurant is a little strip mall place, located on Pembina Highway. I first visited when I was heading up to Faith Horizons, a semi annual diocesan conference. This year the conference was held at St. John’s College at the University of Manitoba. The event started on a Friday, which is my usual day off. I decided I would work my way down Pembina Highway stopping for coffee and lunch along the way. For a more recent Thai…Continue readingCoconut Island Thai Restaurant

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San Vito Coffee – Silver Heights Shopping Centre

I’m continuing on with my visits to Saint James restaurants. Today’s location is San Vito Coffee House. San Vito Coffee House is located on Portage Avenue in the Silver Heights Shopping Centre, a small, strip mall in the middle of Saint James. San Vito is located at the west end of the mall. Stepping inside it reminds me of The Fyxx on Donald, or the original location of The Daily Grind. There are lots of windows that give lots of…Continue readingSan Vito Coffee – Silver Heights Shopping Centre

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Joe Black Coffee Bar

Joe Black Coffee Bar, located on Portage Avenue, just across from the entrance to Assiniboine Park, is one of those places that I have visited several times over the years without ever reviewing. It’s right at a bus stop, and a place to get away from the crowds when park traffic is really busy. I’ve been trying to get out and review some more restaurants in the St. James neighbourhood, and so finally decided to visit with the intent to…Continue readingJoe Black Coffee Bar