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Manitoba Made Products

Monday I wrote about the new Farmer’s Market on Broadway. This year, with all the wet weather, the fruit and vegetables have been a little slow in arriving. In addition, the quality has been a little on the low side so far. However, there are still lots of Manitoba made products showing up in these markets. Over the last few weeks I’ve tried several different Manitoba made items.  Most of these have been at the Farmer’s Market, but one was…Continue readingManitoba Made Products

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Red Ember – Wood-Fired Pizza

I’ve consolidated my two Red Ember posts into one.redembercommonRED EMBERI mentioned in my post on Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez (no longer in business) that one of the new trucks out on Broadway, was a pizza truck whose name I didn’t get.  Well, on Tuesday,  I headed down that direction again, happy to find that the pizza truck, named The Red Ember, was out on the street again.The Red Ember Truck is the most noticeable truck out on the street.  It is…Continue readingRed Ember – Wood-Fired Pizza