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1 Block Fried Chicken Diet

I’m back with my fourth Fried Chicken Fest post. This time I’m going hyper-local with my 1 Block Fried Chicken Diet.* The 100 Mile Dietis passé. Ordering fried chicken from restaurants almost next door to your workplace is the way to go. *Actual distance may be slightly more than a block. In my case, the three contributing restaurants, are Local Pub & Eatery, The Shark Club, and The Merchant Kitchen. The Shark Club is a new entry for me this…Continue reading1 Block Fried Chicken Diet

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Fried Chicken Fest – Weekend One

I’ve written before about LeBurgerWeek. A week dedicated to restaurants offering a new take on the classic burger. Last weekend marks the beginning of Fried Chicken Fest, a similar week with the focus on Fried Chicken. As with everything else over the last 10 months, Covid has put a bit of a crimp into the festivities. One of the hopes of the organizers, is that Fried Chicken Fest will provide a boost to a restaurant industry that is really struggling…Continue readingFried Chicken Fest – Weekend One