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Shrugging Doctor Loaf and Honey

Last night I went to a wine and cheese event at The Shrugging Doctor. The event was a joint effort between The Shrugging Doctor and Loaf and Honey cheese.Continue readingShrugging Doctor Loaf and Honey

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Café Dario 1390 Erin Street: A Best Meal

Café Dario re-opened last night. Initially, Café Dario will be open from 5-11 pm Fridays to Sundays. I caught wind of it through the Loaf and Honey Facebook page (more about them later in the review). I booked my reservation online, and ended up as the first customer through the door yesterday evening. Normally I would pay two visits before writing a review. Technically I have, because I went to Café Dario for a group dinner when a friend was…Continue readingCafé Dario 1390 Erin Street: A Best Meal

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Ending the War On Artisan Cheese, Loaf + Honey

Ending the War On Artisan Cheese, is a recently published book by Dr. Catherine Donnelly. I decided to read it after seeing it on The Loaf and Honey Facebook page(you may need to scroll down a bit to find it). If you are in Winnipeg, you may have been falling the ongoing saga of Loaf and Honey. Dustin Pelier and his partner Rachel Isaak have been trying for years to continue on a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. They…Continue readingEnding the War On Artisan Cheese, Loaf + Honey