Tipsy Cow with Le Burger Week Side

The Tipsy Cow is one of the newest entrants into the Winnipeg restaurant market. Located at 285 Portage Avenue, it’s the third restaurant to occupy that space in the last five years. I visited the space when it was La Bamba, but didn’t make it there when it was The Planit.

The Tipsy Cow chips

Chips with a beet cream cheese dip, from The Tipsy Cow Appetizer menu.

However, it is close at hand to Holy Trinity, and so needing a place that was close at hand the other day, I decided to give The Tipsy Cow a try. It also gave me an opportunity to make a token gesture towards Le Burger Week. With over 100 burgers on offer Le Burger Week seems to have gotten a little excessive, Continue reading


Seine River Cafe – Provencher Avenue

Every so often there’s a place that I’m very aware of, but never get around to visiting. Seine River Cafe is one such place. Located in a strip mall on Provencher Avenue, just past the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain. I’m generally at the CCFM several times in a year, but never seem to make it the extra half block farther east. Perhaps I need to develop a habit of walking longer distances.

Seine River Cafe menu

The cover of the menu from the Seine River Cafe. I figure that’s the Eponymous river depicted on the front.

Meanwhile my brother Bob dropped in for a visit from Prince Albert. It was during the week so we decided to make it a breakfast visit. I suggested Seine River Cafe, in part because I hadn’t been yet, and in part because it is fairly close to St. Philip’s, my parish.

Seine River Cafe Breakfast

We arrived at the cafe after 10, but the cafe was still busy with a breakfast crowd. The crowd itself never really thinned out the whole time we were there either. This seems to be a quite busy place Despite this, there are enough tables for us to find a seat without having to wait. Continue reading

ERA Bistro – Human Rights Museum

I have yet to visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. I have however managed to make a couple of visits to ERA Bistro, the restaurant housed inside. The first of these visits I made during Le Burger Week Last year, and then I went again a few weeks ago.

The first thing you notice when you walk into ERA Bistro is how wide-open and airy it feels. It contains an interesting mix of tables for small groups along with a very large communal table. One nice touch is when you get to your table, if you ask for water they bring you your own jug. As someone who drinks a lot of water during the course of the day I really appreciate this. Continue reading

Peg Beer Co Burgers, Beer

My first trip for Le Burger Week took me to Deer + Almond. I thoroughly enjoyed that trip. So, for my second trip I wandered into the East Exchange to pay a visit to Peg Beer Co. This of course means trying to navigate my through the City of Winnipeg’s Construction Obstacle course. I swear the city must have someone whose job it is to look for promising new businesses opening and then to order roadworks out in front of them.

The restaurant space is divided into two sections along with patio. Despite the number of seats, you might want to make a reservation, because the place is likely to be very busy. My first visit I went with a friend and colleague, We enjoyed a couple of drinks while discussing our lives as priests.

Peg Beer Co Charcuterie

My first visit was an early evening visit. Not eating beforehand, I was in the mood for something somewhat substantial. I ordered the charcuterie. I ordered a half order figuring I could add a little something along the way if that wasn’t quite enough. It turns out that the half charcuterie order is plenty for one person. Not only was there plenty of variety, but the quantities made for a good meal.

The deli meats are terrific, including a spicy salami with plenty of spice. The homemade pickles were wonderful, and the choice of bread great too. Top it off with some Smak Dab mustard to dip it in, and you’ll never go wrong with one of these.

PEG Beer charcuterie

A well varied charcuterie board from PEG Beer

Continue reading

Deer + Almond Feat. Le Burger Week

As Le Burger Week is upon us, I decided to visit a couple of restaurants that needed a second visit. These two are also participating in Le Burger Week. The first of these is Deer + Almond. The second is PegBeerCo, of which more another day. My main experience of Deer + Almond is through chef Mandel Hitzer’s involvement in Raw:Almond. A few months back I paid a visit over a lunch hour. I did the same this week taking in Le Burger Week special.

One of the things you often hear about Deer + Almond is that being a tapas restaurant, you don’t get much for what you pay. After two visits I would say that is definitely not true. My first visit I ordered on this assumption. I chose a slider, which I believe isn’t one the current menu, or may have been a special. I added an order of Borscht, show above, and then went with the French Fries with truffle oil, chives and manchego.

Deer + Almond Borscht

Fantastic Borscht from Deer + Almond

The order came to just over $20.00. However, there was almost more food than I could eat. Small plates are meant to be shared. I could easily share such a meal and still feel reasonably satisfied. Then there is the quality.  Continue reading