Harrisons Coffeehouses, Coffee Roaster


Harrisons Coffeehouses and Coffee Roaster is a newish entry into the Winnipeg coffee scene. There are three locations in the city. One at The Forks, one on Waterfront Drive, and one at the Outlet Collection. My visits have all been to The Forks location. In addition to the three coffeehouses, they also have a roastery … Read more

Modern Electric Lunch – 232 Main Street


Modern Electric Lunch, is a new coffee shop, located in the Fortune building on South Main Street. Modern Electric Lunch derives it’s name from an earlier tenant in that building. I suggest you check out the West End Dumplings block to read more about the previous incarnations.  West End Dumplings is a great blog to … Read more

Cafeaze International Coffees, Cookies, More

breakfast sandwich

As Winnipeg continues to open up during our Coronavirus Pandemic, I’m featuring another place I visited a little while before lockdown. Cafeaze International Coffees, Cookies, & More is located on Portage Avenue, just across from the University of Winnipeg. Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm               … Read more

Red Lake Coffee Co Truck

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Saturday was Canada Day, and as always, I was on the lookout for various food experiences as I traveled through some of the sites during the day. I started off my day with a visit to The Forks, made a brief trip through Osborne Village, back to The Forks, and then ended my day at … Read more

Bronuts, Exchange District

One of the biggest trends in dining out is taking simple fare and, to use a popular Masterchef phrase, elevating it. It’s happened with Poutine, and even with Tater Tots. In some places toast is the latest thing to receive such treatment. So, it’s not surprising that Donuts or Doughnuts, if you insist, are going … Read more