Scout – Kid-Friendly Coffee Space

Coffee shops are great gathering places. They’re great for getting together for planning meetings, for small group idea sharing, or just for having some time to spent with a good friend or two. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t designed with children in mind. Scout Coffee + Tea on Portage Avenue has just changed all that.

Scout Coffee trailer.

A child’s camp trailer play structure is only one of many child friendly elements incorporated into the design of Scout Coffee.

Now, let me start of by saying, that in my experience, places such as Fools and Horses, Thom Bargen, Parlour, Strong Badger, and others are very open and welcoming of children. However, despite this openness and the friendliness of the staff, none of these places are particularly physically designed to allow for parents to visit with each other while their children are engaged in other activities. More often than not parental visits will be interrupted more than once or twice. Enter Scout Coffee + Tea.

Owner Katrina Tessier, is a Winnipegger who spent four years living out in Victoria, B.C. While there she became a mother, and during her parental leave spent a good deal of time in a coffee shop that featured a section dedicated to children. Continue reading


La Belle Baguette

With Le Croissant just down the street from St. Philip’s I have ready access to French pastry most of the year. However, if one French bakery in the vicinity is good news, two is even better. So, when I heard that La Belle Baguette would be opening I was very happy. La Belle Baguette is located in the old Chez Sophie location. Chez Sophie having closed after their expansion to the pedestrian bridge by The Forks proved to be a bridge too far. I was sorry about that, as I never got around to trying Chez Sophie.

My first knowledge of the bakery opening up came when I met the owner Alix Loiselle. I was attending a farewell dinner for my friend and fellow blogger Anna Coleshaw-Echols as she and her husband Jeff were moving out to the West Coast. Alix is a Winnipeg native who has honed his craft in various parts of the country and has brought that craftmanship back to Winnipeg and La Belle Baguette.

La Belle Baguette Menu Board

Menu Board

Despite being on my radar for quite a while, it took some time before I visited the bakery.┬áLa Belle Baguette is a little off the main thoroughfares of St. Boniface. That means you may need to be a little more deliberate in your attempts to visit. That’s what I ended up having to do. Believe me though, as I’ll tell you more, it is worth any extra effort you may have to make. Continue reading