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Ludas Deli – North End Treasure

Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to visit different neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. When I was checking out North End restaurants, Ludas Deli* was one that got my attention. I had been there several years ago. My friend Travis Unger had worked as the wilderness camp coordinator for Inner City Youth Alive, a Evangelical Mennonite ministry. Inner City Youth Alive is located just across Salter from Luda’s. It’s also home to St. Aidan’s Christian School, which I’ve written about…Continue readingLudas Deli – North End Treasure

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Wanabees: A-List Eatery

For many years, I was under the impression that Wanabees diner on Broadway was closed.  This was due to lack of information my part.  The knowledge I lacked was that Wanabees is a breakfast and lunch joint.  It seemed that I always went by at a later time.  Fortunately, when I was at the Raw:Almond brunch, the people I shared my breakfast with me told me otherwise. May 2, 2019It’s been over five years since I last went to Wanabees.…Continue readingWanabees: A-List Eatery