Nou Eul Tor – Korean Restaurant

I’m not really a make a reservation type of person. I tend to show up and hope that I’ll find myself a seat. Sometimes this works out well, and sometimes it means I have to go visit a restaurant a few times before I complete two visits. Still other times, it leads me to trying places I wasn’t expecting to try, One such reason place is Nou Eul Tor, a Korean Restaurant on Sargent Avenue.

I’ve actually walked past this restaurant on several occasions, but there has always been something about it that made me hesitate to enter. However, the other night, the Emerald Palace told me there would be a 45 minute to one hour wait before I would get a seat and my order taken, so I decided I would head a little farther west on Sargent. Nou Eul Tor was the first restaurant I came across. I saw from their posted hours that they would be open long enough to enjoy a meal so I headed on in.

Nou Dul Tor Kimchi

Kimchi from Nou Eul Tor.

The main body of the restaurant is long and narrow, with most of the tables against one wall, and a few on the kitchen side. There is also a room with a table for a larger group. The tables are dark wood and brown and white are the other dominant colours, giving the place a rather subdued feel. Continue reading


BIMI – Kenaston Village Mall

I’ve started trying to work my way through River Heights on my Zomato profile. My goal is one day to be an expert in every Winnipeg neighbourhood (vanity, I know). It’s a slower process then I hoped, but with visits to my mom and occasional stops at CMU, I’m getting there. I visited Freshii recently, and have also managed to make a couple of stops at BIMI Korean-Japanese restaurant in the same mall.

Bimi Gyoza

The gyoza were one of the highlights of my visit, but the spring rolls not so much

Bimi All You Can Eat

It’s not very well advertised as you walk into the restaurant, but BIMI does offer an all you can eat deal for a good part of the work week. The price is $16.95 and includes most of the menu. I was torn between this and trying the Korean entrees. Time was short, so it seemed that all-you-can-eat would work out well.

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Forth Coffee – Dogwood Roaster

There’s a lot of buzz around the coffee scene in Winnipeg, and it’s not all caused by excess caffeine. Thom Bargen is soon to be part of a new space on Graham Avenue. Twist Cafe has new owners, and Nils Vik of Parlour and his partners are working with Dogwood Coffee to bring small batch¬†roasting to the city. They are sharing space with Forth Coffee, a new coffee house/restaurant in the Exchange.¬†The cafe at Forth is managed by Renee Girard, with the support of Pamela Kirkpatrick as Head Chef.

Forth Coffee is tucked in between Johnny G’s and The Mitchell Block on McDermott Avenue just east of Main Street. As you walk up the stairs you find yourself in a long somewhat narrow space. The decor is done with a lot of blonde wood which gives a bright feel to the room. It also helps with sound absorption. This means conversations don’t bounce so much, keeping it fairly quiet even when busy. Continue reading

Kiwa Restaurant Fort Richmond

This past weekend family Thanksgiving was on Sunday, so on the holiday itself I was pretty much left to my own devices. I wandered about during the day, and towards the end of the day found myself out in Fort Richmond. When suppertime arrived I decided to see what restaurants were open, and settled on Kiwa. Kiwa is a Korean restaurant and seemed to be a good fit after having just tried Little Korea.

Despite being located in a strip mall, the interior of Kiwas is very attractive. Done in rich brown, with granite style table tops, the restaurant offers both regular tables and chairs along with low slung tables for dining with shoes off.

The restaurant wasn’t overly full when I went. I was shown to a window table. My server was very efficient and helpful. I didn’t have any particular questions and as I looked over the menu I decided to go with an appetizer and main.

For my appetizer I went with the Pork Mandu Dumplings. These are similar to the Japanese Gyoza. The were five dumplings in the order and they came with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce and mustard. I found the filling plentiful. It was all well seasoned. On the other hand the pastry was inconsistent in it’s crispiness.

Kiwa dumplings

Nicely filled,but inconsistently browned Gyoza dumplings.

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