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Altanour Restaurant 587 Notre Dame Ave

I’ve been making a few restaurant visits, but need to catch up on my reviews. Here is one for Altanour Restaurant, a Lebanese-Turkish restaurant in my neck of the woods.  I’ve made a couple of visits to the restaurant, but this post will be based on my most recent. Mainly because most of the photos from the first visit are in an old phone, that I have misplaced. Dining in at Altanour One of the things I like about dining…Continue readingAltanour Restaurant 587 Notre Dame Ave

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Daanook Syrian Restaurant – Exchange

Daanook Syrian Restaurant is one I’ve been hearing about quite a bit lately. The family that owns it have been getting a fair bit of coverage in the local press.  When I finally got around to looking Daanook restaurant up, I discovered they were located in the space that once belonged to Vicky’s. Daanook Takeout The first time I placed an order. I opted for takeout. The restaurant is only a few blocks from Holy Trinity, so it made for…Continue readingDaanook Syrian Restaurant – Exchange