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Akins African Restaurant Sargent Avenue

A few weeks ago I read an article about three new African restaurants that were opening in Winnipeg. These are Akins, which I’m writing about today. Yellow Chili, on Main Street, and One Stop African Restaurant, Ebby Ave. at Pembina Hwy.  On the whole, the continent of Africa isn’t particularly well represented in this city. We certainly have a few Ethiopian Restaurants, such as Kokeb. One or two Somali restaurants have opened over the years, and there are also a…Continue readingAkins African Restaurant Sargent Avenue

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Simba Safari Grill

Simba Safari Grill is one of the trucks I visited when I went to the Red River Ex last month. Simba Safari Grill represents a new diversity on the Winnipeg food truck scene.  It’s owners are Kenyan and are bringing African cuisine to the streets. You’ll usually find them in the Tuxedo business park. A few years back I was involved with a group called FocusAfrica. This is a local group working to fight the ongoing AIDS crisis in Africa. …Continue readingSimba Safari Grill