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Kings, Power and Feeding Five Thousand.

Kings, Power and Feeding Five Thousand: This week’s lectionary featured both John’s recounting of the feeding of the five thousand, and the story of David, Bathsheba, and the Uriah the Hittite. I was quite intrigued by the story of Jesus escaping the crowds attempt to make him king against the background of David using his kingly power to force Bathsheba into a sexual relationship and then killing Uriah, when Uriah fails to help him cover it up. As a result,…Continue readingKings, Power and Feeding Five Thousand.


Sermon from the Fringe – Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a sermon on the site. This is one I preached yesterday. I preached at Saint Philip’s in the morning, and Saint Margaret’s at night. The Sermon from the Fringe title, derives from the fact that Winnipeg is in the middle of its Fringe Theatre Festival, and the fact that  the editors of the Lectionary, cut out the main body of the story when they chose the reading.The audio below is from last night at…Continue readingSermon from the Fringe – Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

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Common Eating – Gathering up the Crumbs

I’ve finally come to the final post in this series on common eating, although I may do one more with the pdf form of all the posts if anyone wants to have them all in one place.  Again, as has happened at other times during this series I’m not sure that I have come up with the correct name for this last class.  My original idea was to call it leftovers, but that sounded a little to cheesy, even for…Continue readingCommon Eating – Gathering up the Crumbs