Advent Potluck & Church Dinners

Church meals are of great interest to me. I think they are one of the most important activities a church community can engage in. I’m fortunate that I’m part of two groups that regularly feature a meal as part of their gathering time. As well, St. Philip’s. where I’m incumbent has weekly coffee time along with BBQs and occasional other dinners.

One of those dinners is our annual Advent Potluck which we hold each year on the Third Sunday of Advent. This year the potluck occurred the Sunday after I was scheduled to make supper for the Saint Magaret’s Saturday evening service. Then, the four o’clock “Kid’s Church” that meets at St. Philip’s was having a service followed by the usual soup and bread supper.

Advent weekend breakfast

French Toast with grilled pears, blackberries, caramel sauce, and creme fraiche, from Little Goat Food & Drink

Needless to say, such a weekend requires a great deal of fortitude, both to cook and to eat. So, I figured that I needed to start my Saturday off with a bit of stretching. Stomach stretching that is. I figured a good, solid breakfast would ensure that I would be prepared to consume large amounts of food throughout the weekend.

Fortunately, Little Goat Food & Drink has recently opened. Continue reading


More MB Food Bloggers Bake Sale

Yesterday, I posted some pictures from the Manitoba Food Bloggers bake sale, held at Aqua Books in support of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  I wrote in that post that I would have more to say later, and I want to pick up on that today.

When I first started into using social media in a more deliberate fashion, one of the unexpected consequences was that it got me out from behind the computer keyboard and meeting people in a face-to-face setting.  This didn’t automatically happen, but being involved with social media gave me entry into new settings and the opportunity to meet new people. Continue reading

MBFood Blogger Bake Sale

Two or three months back I joined a Facebook group called the Manitoba Food Bloggers.  This is a group involving people, who are dedicated to cooking, eating and writing about food.  Every month (at least) there is an event.  Off the top of my head I can recall trips to Elements restaurant, (I didn’t make that one, but I eat there and will soon write about it), Bistro 71/4, (made that one), a farm for an event sponsored bythe Manitoba Canola Growers, and today, a bake sale in support of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.I’ll write more about this group which is curated by the indominitable Shel Zolkewich, but for now I’m just going to post a few pictures from the sale today.  This event was held at Aqua Books.

Raw Apple Almond Bars (Purchased)

A variety of cookies.

Cherry blossom slice (Purchased)

Almost Paleo Brownies (Purchased)

Peanut-Craisin and Apricot-Almond

Peach Cobbler Tarts

A happy family of purchases

More goodies

Cakeology contributions