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Buccacino’s – Osborne Village

Last week was the second time in a row I connected with the Why Cook Wednesday’s Supper Club. The week before we had been in Osborne Village at Carlo’s and Murphy. This time we met at Buccacino’s. Buccacino’s is a traditional Italian restaurant. I think there was something else in that location many years ago, but my memory fails me. The restaurant is large and spacious. When we arrived there were not a lot of people in the restaurant. We…Continue readingBuccacino’s – Osborne Village

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Little Maria’s, Edmonton Street

Little Maria’s is now closed. There is a new restaurant there, called This Little Place, and from what I gather the menu is very similar to the old menu at Little Maria’sIt’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. My schedule has been very full and I haven’t found many new places. Yesterday, though I paid another visit to Little Maria’s Porchetta & Meatballs on Edmonton Street.If you’ve read the About Page, you know one of the important things…Continue readingLittle Maria’s, Edmonton Street

Reviews and Such Books

The Gastronomy of Marriage – Michelle Maisto

The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love I first came upon The Gastronomy of Marriage , by Michelle Maisto late in 2012.  I took a brief look at it in the bookstore. I made a mental note that it would be worth picking up next time I was in book buying mode.  Unfortunately, the next time I was in book buying mode The Gastronomy of Marriage, subtitled A Memoir of Food and Love, was playing hard to…Continue readingThe Gastronomy of Marriage – Michelle Maisto