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All the Devils Are Here – Gamache 16

All the Devils Are Here, is the latest installment in the Inspector Gamache series, by Louise Penny. This time, Armand Gamache is off to Paris for the birth of a grandchild. However, like any detective, trouble and crime seem to follow him wherever he goes. The Inspector Gamache series is one of three that I am following closely. I am trying very hard to stay up to date with him, along with Rebus and Bruno. Last time out I found…Continue readingAll the Devils Are Here – Gamache 16

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My Favourite Crime-Fighting Foodies

Crime-Fighting Foodies This idea behind this post first started working it’s way into my mind about a year ago. While I was preparing my Lent course, I started to think about food and books, and particularly about food and detective fiction, my favourite type of fiction. I’ve been reading and watching a lot of detective fiction over the last year. Mainly, I admit, watching as I try and work my way through whole series using the Winnipeg Public Library. I was…Continue readingMy Favourite Crime-Fighting Foodies