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Rebus – In a House of Lies – Ian Rankin

Two Friday nights ago, I had a treat. I got the chance to meet one of my favourite writers, Ian Rankin. Rankin was in Winnipeg at McNally Robinson Booksellers, to celebrate the launch of his most recent Rebus novel, In a House of Lies. Before I write about the book itself, I’m going to say a little bit about the evening. Early in the week, McNally Robinson had posted that people needed to arrive early for the 7pm event. I arrived at…Continue readingRebus – In a House of Lies – Ian Rankin

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September Reading Round Up

September has been a bit of mixed-up month for me. The first part of the  month was back to church time after the summer. The second part of the month, I’ve been on holidays. My reading has also been mixed-up. At one point I had at least six books on the go at once. I’ve managed to finish three of those ones, along with several other books. Almost everything tis month has been of the detective fiction nature, although three…Continue readingSeptember Reading Round Up

Reading Round Ups

August Reading Round Up

August Reading Round UpMy reading for August includes a little bit of history and a whole lot of mystery. A couple of the mysteries, are food related. One of the others features the first work by a now long established writer, and the final book on the list is by my favourite detective fiction writer of all. July Round Up The English Civil Wars – John Miller I came across this book one lunch hour as I was looking for…Continue readingAugust Reading Round Up

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My Favourite Crime-Fighting Foodies

Crime-Fighting Foodies This idea behind this post first started working it’s way into my mind about a year ago. While I was preparing my Lent course, I started to think about food and books, and particularly about food and detective fiction, my favourite type of fiction. I’ve been reading and watching a lot of detective fiction over the last year. Mainly, I admit, watching as I try and work my way through whole series using the Winnipeg Public Library. I was…Continue readingMy Favourite Crime-Fighting Foodies

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Cafe D’Amour – South Osborne

Cafe D’Amour is no longer in business.I don’t often venture down Osborne past Osborne Village into the area known as South Osborne. However, earlier this year I was down in the area for an event and decided to stop in at Cafe D’Amour for a cup of coffee. I enjoyed that visit, and decided I would make the effort to get down to the cafe again. This time around I went for some of the food items on the menu…Continue readingCafe D’Amour – South Osborne