My Favourite Crime-Fighting Foodies

This idea behind this post first started working it’s way into my mind about a year ago. While I was preparing my Lent course, I started to think about food and books, and particularly about food and detective fiction, my favourite type of fiction.

I’ve been reading and watching a lot of detective fiction over the last year. Mainly, I admit, watching as I try and work my way ? through whole series using the Winnipeg Public Library.

I was further encouraged in this direction when I visited Pho Yo a couple of weeks ago. I picked up Diane Mott Davidson’s, Catering to Nobody. I’ve finished this book, and I think I’ll give a few more a try. Although, when the lead character suggested that as far as Szechuan food was concerned, she thought that spicy food was concerned spicy food should be left to the Mexicans, I was tempted to hurl the book against the wall. However, I stuck it out, and can only hope the lead character’s palate improves as the series goes along.

Food figures to varying degrees in detective series. For one thing, it’s a great conveyance for poison. Strong Poison, by Dorothy Sayers, is just one example of such a case. Sayers created Wimsey at a time when she was poor and claimed to have made him incredibly wealthy so that she could indulge in the culinary fantasies she herself couldn’t afford. This is a common thread in many Golden Age detectives. Sayers herself developed into quite a gourmand later in life and enjoyed good food and fine wine for the remainder of her life.

My favourite Brussels Sprouts

Criminally good Brussels Sprouts with bacon. Cooked nigh to perfection. Part of a wonderful Christmas Dinner at my brother and sister-in-laws place.

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Cafe D’Amour – South Osborne

I don’t often venture down Osborne past Osborne Village into the area known as South Osborne. However, earlier this year I was down in the area for an event and decided to stop in at Cafe D’Amour for a cup of coffee. I enjoyed that visit, and decided I would make the effort to get down to the cafe again. This time around I went for some of the food items on the menu as well as for a beverage.

Cafe D’Amour is a cozy little spot. There are not a lot of tables available, but they are set up in such a way as to make you feel you have your own little spot. I really like the fact that there is a variety of table styles as well as seating arrangements. Some places have mood lighting, Cafe D’Amour has mood seating.

Cafe D'Amour Menu

The Blackboard menu at Cafe D’Amour contains a helpful hungriness flow chart to assist you in making your dining choices.

The menu is immediately on your right as you enter the front door. It comes with a handy flow chart that offers suggestions based on how hungry you might be. I went with the Quite hungry option, but then added a little something because I was quite, quite hungry. Continue reading