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Irish Stew Preparation, Recipe and Video

A slightly different recipe than this, but in 2022 we are finally serving Irish Stew to our Lunchroom guests.  The social isolation brought on from Covid-19, means I find myself not hosting The Lunchroom  @ Holy Trinity. So, I prepared the Irish Stew that we had hoped to serve on St. Patrick’s Day. I also made a video of me preparing this stew. It’s a first attempt to film using a LED ring light with my Cell phone as the…Continue readingIrish Stew Preparation, Recipe and Video

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Lunchroom @ Holy Trinity – Pancake Day

Last July, I wrote about starting my new position at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. It`s been a long and difficult road to getting things up and running. At the end of last year we decided we would start The Lunchroom @ Holy Trinity. This is a one day a week simple sit down lunch.  Getting The Lunchroom off the Ground The first couple of weeks for The Lunchroom were quite quiet. Both weeks we had more helpers than we had…Continue readingLunchroom @ Holy Trinity – Pancake Day

Common Eating Fall Suppers

Spaghetti Dinner – Holy Rosary Church

Yesterday, while posting about the Holy Trinity fall supper, I mentioned that I would be finishing my weekend off by attending the Spaghetti Dinner at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. I was alerted to this dinner last year by Angie Boehm. She along with her husband Cory are parishioners at Holy Rosary. They’ve also shared a couple of dining adventures with me over the years. This dinner is a little bit different than some, in that it features a rolling service…Continue readingSpaghetti Dinner – Holy Rosary Church


Cafe Bella – Best Western Downtown

Cafe Bella is a hotel restaurant. It’s located in the Best Western on Hargrave street in downtown Winnipeg. As a general rule, hotel restaurants aren’t high on my list of places to visit. Generally, because they tend to be relatively expensive relative to quality. Although, sometimes a hotel has an independent restaurant such as the Marion Street Eatery, in the Marion Hotel, that is worth visiting. However, my recent job change has me spending a couple of days a week…Continue readingCafe Bella – Best Western Downtown

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Priest Missioner – Holy Trinity Anglican

I am Priest Missioner at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in downtown Winnipeg. This is a half-time position. I will be there half-time and at St. Philip’s half-time.Continue readingPriest Missioner – Holy Trinity Anglican

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Centre Place Cafe – Convention Centre

When I was working at L.C. Taylor, I would occasionally wander down to the Convention Centre for lunch at the Centre Place Cafe. I went back recently to see what may have changed in the course of the renovations to the centre itself. The biggest change is that the cafe location has moved from the east to the west side of the second floor. At least as far as the place where you order and collect your food is concerned.…Continue readingCentre Place Cafe – Convention Centre