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Winnipeg’s Best Butter Tart

I’ve updated my butter tart list. New entries are marked with asterisks. Over the last little while I’ve written a couple of posts, where the purchase of a Butter Tart was part of my visit to the establishment. I’ve had some good response to this, so I thought maybe now would be the time to do a post on Winnipeg’s best Butter Tart. Obviously, such a post is only the opinion of one man. So, I don’t expect that everyone,…Continue readingWinnipeg’s Best Butter Tart

Reviews and Such bakery Restaurants

High Tea Bakery – Portage Avenue

High Tea Bakery, located out on Portage Avenue by Deer Lodge Centre, is one of those places whose product I have tasted on a few occasions, but I’ve never visited the location itself. The most surprising part of that, is that High Tea was for it’s first few years located in the building that now houses Jonnie’s Sticky Buns. No more than about 10 block from where I lived.In the past High Tea was supplying cookies to Make Coffee +…Continue readingHigh Tea Bakery – Portage Avenue

Reviews and Such Coffee Shops Restaurants

Fools & Horses, Coffee – Wine

I’ve combined my review of the Fool and Horses Forks location with this one. So, if you want to go straight to that one, just click the link below.Fools Horses ForksIn early May, Fools and Horses, my home away from home, will be celebrating it’s fourth anniversary. They’ve also been undergoing some changes the most notable is an updating of their food menu. So, in anticipation of this anniversary and the new menu, I gave a few of the items…Continue readingFools & Horses, Coffee – Wine