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Good Food Meal Kits for Pandemic Dining

Good Food Meal Kits are the fourth meal delivery service I’ve tried. My first was Hello Fresh. Followed by Miss Fresh. The third one I’ve tried is Eden’s Taste. This review will not go into as much detail as the previous ones. Mainly, because it will be focused on similarities and differences that the services all share. Good Food Delivery There is one, small side benefit of the current pandemic. Until recently it has been much easier to be at…Continue readingGood Food Meal Kits for Pandemic Dining

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Pan-Seared Pork, Quick Irish Stew

On Wednesday I posted about my first efforts with Hello Fresh meal planning service. Over the last couple of days I’ve cooked the other two meals and so I’ve got some thoughts to share about them as well. I started with the Pan-seared Pork Chops for my Thursday supper, and then made the Quick Irish Stew for my Friday lunch. Pan-Seared Pork Chops: I found this recipe to be the most involved of the recipes I received. Although there weren’t…Continue readingPan-Seared Pork, Quick Irish Stew

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Hello Fresh- Unboxing – First Meal

A couple of weeks ago Shel Zolkewich, organizer of the Manitoba Food Bloggers group on Facebook, posted that she had a couple of codes for people who were willing to try out Hello Fresh, the meal planning service. Immediately on seeing this I messaged her saying I’d like to give one a try. When it comes to such an offer quick responses are important. Generally speaking whoever hesitates is lost. So, thank you Shel. You can check out my second…Continue readingHello Fresh- Unboxing – First Meal