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Lake of the Woods Brewing Co 242 Hargrave St

Lake of the Woods Brewing Co, on the main floor of the Hargrave Street Market is one of those places that has become a bit of a hangout for me. While I’m always on the lookout for new, and different spots to eat and drink, I always appreciate a place that can become a second home. When I look for a place that I will want to visit regularly there are two things that I look for. The first is…Continue readingLake of the Woods Brewing Co 242 Hargrave St

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Mottola Grocery 242 Hargrave Street

Mottola Grocery is a grocery store for gourmets and gourmands, located in the Hargrave Street Market in downtown Winnipeg. They specialize in high quality, local and imported groceries. They also sell a good range of takeout sandwiches, salads, and baked goods. I have to admit, on my first visit, I took one look at the prices and said to myself, I can’t imagine myself visiting here again. However, time, and repeat visits have changed my mind. Mottola Grocery, One Stop…Continue readingMottola Grocery 242 Hargrave Street