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Helios – Saint Mary’s Road

December 26, 2019 Update Christmas Day this year was one where there were no family events going on(we are dinner, etc., today). By the time I finish the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, I’m not really up for preparing any food. I looked and noticed that Helios, a family Greek diner, not far from St. Philip’s is open on Christmas Day. So, after the building emptied out, I wandered down there for lunch. It was around quarter to two…Continue readingHelios – Saint Mary’s Road

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Johnny’s, 382 Marion Street

When I started working at St. Philip’s I also started to explore the neighbourhood restaurants. One of the first was the Marion Street Eatery. At the time I noticed there were a couple of other restaurants. Dairy Wip and Johnny’s, close by. I made a mental note of this, but unfortunately  my memory isn’t what it once was, so I forgot my intention. Then, a couple of months go, the owners of Johnny’s happened to show up at St. Philip’s one…Continue readingJohnny’s, 382 Marion Street

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Greektown Food Truck

One of the best parts of all the food trucks in Winnipeg is that you can get a wide variety of foods. For me Greek food is one of the first non-British foods that I can remember eating on a regular basis. The first would be Indian. When we first moved to Winnipeg my dad worked on Ellice Avenue just down from Homer’s. I miss the old Greek restaurant that was in City Place. So, I was glad when Greektown…Continue readingGreektown Food Truck

Reviews and Such Greek Restaurants

Opa Souvlaki – Kenaston Common

May 19, 2019 Opa Souvlaki update. The Portage Avenue location of Opa Souvlaki is closed as of early 2022. There’s a new Opa Sovlaki location in town. This one is one Portage Avenue, across the street from the University of Winnipeg. It’s in one of the old U of W buildings. I can’t remember what department it housed most recently, but if you go back far enough in it’s history it was a one-time Royal Bank branch.The opening of the…Continue readingOpa Souvlaki – Kenaston Common

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Taste of (Meh)diterranean

Taste of Mediterranean I was wandering westward down Graham Avenue a couple of weeks ago and noticed that there was a new restaurant located at the back of the same building that contains Starbucks.  The signs stated that the new place was called Taste of Mediterranean. Perhaps the sign should have tipped me off to what the restaurant would be like.  The generic photograph of the chicken dinner reflects quite accurately the generic nature of the food served at the…Continue readingTaste of (Meh)diterranean