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Prairie Ink Restaurant McNally Robinson Booksellers

Prairie Ink Restaurant is the located inside the Grant Park location of McNally Robinson Booksellers. McNally is my new books, bookstore of choice. If you read any of my book reviews, the links to the books in them are usually links to McNally. For used books, I generally visit Bison Books. Prairie Ink falls into that category of: Restaurant I’ve visited many times, but never got around to writing about. In the good old Pre-Covid days, I went a few…Continue readingPrairie Ink Restaurant McNally Robinson Booksellers

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Boston Pizza – Taylor Avenue

Boston Pizza is one these places that always leaves me with mixed feelings. It seems to offer so much, but I often come away slightly disappointed. The City Place location is the one I visit the most. So, when I received a gift card the other day, I thought I would try a different site. Instead of my usual City Place location I went with the Boston Pizza on Taylor just down from Grant Park Mall. I like the area,…Continue readingBoston Pizza – Taylor Avenue

Reviews and Such Books

Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage

I recently posted my thoughts on A Homemade Life, Molly Wizenberg’s memoir with recipes. I enjoy these types of books. Whether they be memoirs, essays, or as in the case of my favourite food book The Supper of the Lamb, a work of theology. The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage: True Tales of Food, Family & How We Learn to Eat, also falls into this category. The Cassoulet Saved our Marriage The book is divided into three parts, each of which corresponds to the subtitle. Many…Continue readingCassoulet Saved Our Marriage